Java example client for the file upload service (dm-hdfs-storage)
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#HSink Client - A Java-based REST client for transfering large files

##About HSink Client (dm-hdfs-storage-client) is a Java-based client for HSink dm-hdfs-storage, an Jersey based RESTful Web service for transferring large files over HTTP. HSink makes use of chunked transfer encoding allowing a client to transmit large files using HTTP. HSink Client is a Java based alternative to using an HTTP/1.1 compliant HTTP client like curl.

##Building the application The application depends on the Maven projects global-configuration and dm-parent. Both projects must be downloaded, built, and installed before HSink can be compiled.

## download the project
git clone <THE_PROJECT_URL>
## move to the project's main directory
## build an install the project
mvn clean install

HSink Client can be easily built using Maven.

git clone
cd dm-hdfs-storage-clent
mvn clean package

##Using HSink Client Hsink provides a command-line interface for uploading and downloading files from/to HSink. The default service URL is http://localhost:8081/hsink, if not specified.

usage: java -jar JARFILE [options] [source URI] [target URI]
...file upload:   java -jar client.jar -u ./file [http://localhost:8081/hsink]
...file download: java -jar client.jar -d http://localhost:8081/hsink/.../file ./file
...roundtrip test: java -jar client.jar -t ./file [http://localhost:8081/hsink]