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@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ beanstalkc is pure Python, and is compatible with [eventlet][] and [gevent][].
@@ -300,17 +300,18 @@ tell you how many jobs were actually kicked alive again:
>>> beanstalk.kick(42)
-You can also kick a specific job:
+If you still have a handle to a job (or know its job ID), you can also kick
+alive this particular job, overriding the FIFO operation of the burial queue:
>>> job = beanstalk.reserve()
>>> job.bury()
>>> job.stats()['state']
>>> job.kick()
+ >>> job.stats()['state']
+ 'ready'
-The `kick-job` command was introduced in beanstalkd v1.8, please make sure
-beanstalkd version >= v1.8 if you want to use
-this command.
+(NOTE: The `kick-job` command was introduced in beanstalkd v1.8.)
Inspecting Jobs

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