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I attempted to add a way to easily integrate reserve calls into the main select/poll loop of an application.

I added some doctests but unfortunately they're failing. I've been unable to reproduce the failures outside of the doctests.

I was wondering if you thought this approach had any merit and, if so, what might be wrong with my tests?


Thanks, Michael! I will have a look and report back.


Any reason why still not merged?


Thanks for the reminder, Anton.

Michael, am I right in assuming that you use this as follows: In a select loop, you:

  1. initially call start_reserve to send the reservation request.
  2. Then you select/poll/... on _socket.
  3. If the select returns with activity on the beanstalkc connection, you use end_reserve to read the reservation response.

Correct. Not sure that's the ideal API, but it should work as-is.


I would also like to see this merged.


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