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JUnit Test Support in sbt

31 Jan 2012

This is an example project to demonstrate adding JUnit test support and report generation to sbt.

Quick start

First, add JUnit test support by including junit-interface in the list of project dependencies (e.g. build.sbt):

libraryDependencies += "com.novocode" % "junit-interface" % "0.8" % "test->default"

Optional: JUnit reports

JUnit report generation support is optional, and can be added by adding the junit_xml_listener plugin (e.g. project/plugins.sbt):

addSbtPlugin("eu.henkelmann" % "junit_xml_listener" % "0.3")

Include the TestsListener implementation in the project settings (e.g. build.sbt):

testListeners <<= => Seq(new eu.henkelmann.sbt.JUnitXmlTestsListener(t.getAbsolutePath)))

You may need to install junit_xml_listener to your local Ivy repository:

First, grab the source code:

$ git clone git://

Second, install it to your local Ivy repository:

$ cd junit_xml_listener ; sbt publish-local

Third, repair the location of the locally-published Ivy configuration:

$ mv .ivy2/local/eu.henkelmann/junit_xml_listener/scala_2.9.1/sbt_0.11.2/0.3/ivys/ .ivy2/local/eu.henkelmann/junit_xml_listener/


Now running the test command will run any JUnit tests, and publish the JUnit test reports as XML files under target/test-reports/.

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