Deploy Scala Web applications to Heroku
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Enable deployment to Heroku from Travis CI


sbt-heroku-deploy is an sbt plugin, based on Heroku Maven plugin, for deploying Scala Web applications to Heroku.

sbt-heroku-deploy expects that your project's default package is a .war file, which you can get using xsbt-web-plugin.

Quick start

Add the sbt-heroku-deploy plugin to your project:


addSbtPlugin("com.earldouglas" % "sbt-heroku-deploy" % "0.2.0")

Enable the plugin and configure your app name:



herokuAppName := "my-heroku-app"

Deploy your project to Heroku:

$ sbt herokuDeploy

Check out your application at

Heroku authentication

Either install the Heroku Toolbelt, or set your Heroku API key as an environment variable:

$ export HEROKU_API_KEY="xxx-xxx-xxxx"