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Update the instructions for installation

The library will not compile w/o the SPI driver, add it to the README.
Point to my fork until @armSeb's pull request in the original is merged.
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@@ -8,6 +8,16 @@ The AAC decode code is from the Helix project and licensed under RealNetwork's R
MIDI decoding comes from a highly ported MIDITONES ( combined with a massively memory-optimized TinySoundFont (, see the respective source files for more information.
## Installation
Install the library and the SPI driver library in your ~/Arduino/libraries
mkdir -p ~/Arduino/libraries
cd ~/Arduino/libraries
git clone
git clone
# Once the pull request is merged, replace above with "git clone"
## Usage
Create an AudioInputXXX source pointing to your input file, an AudioOutputXXX sink as either an I2SDAC, I2S-sw-DAC, or as a "SerialWAV" which simply writes a WAV file to the Serial port which can be dumped to a file on your development system, and an AudioGeneratorXXX to actually take that input and decode it and send to the output.

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