GCC toolchain for esp8266/arduino on MacOS, Linux, ARM64, Raspberry Pi, and Windows
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esp-quick-toolchain - Build ESP8266 toolchain for multiple architectures

Allows building Win32, Win64, OSX, Linux x86_64, ARM64 (aarch64) and Raspberry Pi ESP8266 toolchains in a Docker container.

Work In Progesss

Builds work for GCC 4.8, others not fully tested but were building last time they were tested

Building only native mode binaries

If you're only compiling natively, you can just clone this repo and run

host={linux|win64|win32|osx|arm64|rpi} gcc={4.8|4.9|5.2|7.2} ./build build

Note that to build a non-linux toolchain, you first need to build a linux chain in the directory. This is because the cross compiler requires a local host executable gcc for the target architecture to build properly.

Building full suite architectures

To build all architectures use the commands

git clone https://github.com/earlephilhower/esp-quick-toolchain
cd esp-quick-toolchain
docker run --user $(id -u):$(id -g) --rm -v $(pwd):/workdir earlephilhower/gcc-cross bash -c "cd /workdir; make -j32 GCC={4.8|4.9|5.2|7.2} REL=2.5.0 SUBREL=3"

To make a draft release of the binaries:

make GCC={4.8|4.9|5.2|7.2} REL=2.5.0 SUBREL=3 upload

Then to install the libraries and headers into the Arduino core (not including the toolchain exes) just

make GCC={4.8|4.9|5.2|7.2} REL=2.5.0 SUBREL=3 install
<in Arduino dir>
git commit -a