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Outliner is an improved outline view for the Orion JavaScript editor. It uses UglifyJS's parser to build an abstract syntax tree of your JavaScript code, then constructs a tree of your functions. A few simple heuristics are used to infer the names of anonymous functions.

Installing onto local Orion server

  1. Browse to [your orion directory]/eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.orion.client.core_0.2.0.vXXXXXXXX-XXXX/web/.
  2. Open the file defaults.pref and change this line:



    // "/plugins/jslintPlugin.html":true,
  3. Launch your Orion server (if it's not already running), and reload http://localhost:8080/defaults.pref in your browser to make sure it's not cached.
  4. Log in to your Orion server, go to the Plugins page, and uninstall jslintPlugin.html.
  5. Paste http://mamacdon.github.com/outliner/newoutlinePlugin.html into the box and click Install. After a moment, you should see a success message.
  6. Open a JavaScript file in the Orion editor. You'll see the outline tree in the left-hand pane.


  1. Open defaults.pref and uncomment the jslintPlugin line.
  2. Uninstall newoutlinePlugin.html.


  • Orion 0.3 pre-M2 (any build newer than 08/28 will work)


Eclipse Distribution License v 1.0