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React app for quickly searching and filtering WordPress Trac tickets
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This is a React powered application for searching WordPress Trac tickets using an Elasticsearch cluster.


Search within WordPress Trac is not great. It has fairly robust reporting options, but the full-text search leaves a lot to be desired.

It's so unhelpful that many people have sought alternative solutions, like Google Site Search — though there are some thoughts that it's not as great as it used to be — or subscribing to the ticket update email firehose and using Gmail's built-in search. But that method is only helpful if you subcribed years ago and have a large archive.

The other way these solutions fall short is that they don't allow additional filtering on the various taxonomies we use to categorize tickets.

So I wrote a script to index all WordPress Trac tickets into an Elasticsearch cluster and built this simple interface for searching that system.


This application includes some logic from Ryan McCue's Not Trac — specifically the portions dealing with label coloring, and text parsing/formatting for TracLinks and code blocks.

Additional Links

  • WP Elastracsearch - A PHP package for gathering data from WordPress Trac and indexing it into an Elasticsearch cluster
  • Reactivesearch - Library of components for integrating React applications with Elasticsearch
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