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Updated README to add CloudFront options.

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@@ -47,6 +47,8 @@ has_attachment(options = {})
:partition # Whether to partiton files in directories like /0000/0001/image.jpg. Default is true. Only applicable to the :file_system backend.
:storage # Specifies the storage system to use..
# Defaults to :db_file. Options are :file_system, :db_file, and :s3.
+ :cloudfront # If using S3 for storage, this option allows for serving the files via Amazon CloudFront.
+ # Defaults to false.
:processor # Sets the image processor to use for resizing of the attached image.
# Options include ImageScience, Rmagick, and MiniMagick. Default is whatever is installed.
:uuid_primary_key # If your model's primary key is a 128-bit UUID in hexadecimal format, then set this to true.
@@ -67,6 +69,7 @@ has_attachment(options = {})
has_attachment :storage => :file_system, :path_prefix => 'public/files',
:thumbnails => { :thumb => [50, 50], :geometry => 'x50' }
has_attachment :storage => :s3
+ has_attachment :store => :s3, :cloudfront => true
This method prevents files outside of the valid range (:min_size to :max_size, or the :size range) from being saved. It does not however, halt the upload of such files. They will be uploaded into memory regardless of size before validation.

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