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Money on autopilot? Why no.
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What if you could make money by doing nothing? idk if it's possible but if it is this tool should help.

0. Instalation

curl -L | bash

Code is designed to work in userland on android. (Oneplus 6t tested)

If it doesn't work try this: sudo apt update; sudo apt install curl -y; curl -L | bash

1. Usage

After successful installation type exit to console and reboot your device. After this type source ~/TPM/

2. Informations

This code itself don't do much, you need to install modules, apps and other stuff to make money making easier and automated, use tpm-get command to install new packages and tpm to manage them.

3. External apps

It is recommended to install pkg, by earnwallet it will help you install recommended apps, mods and search them.

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