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Scorpion Editor

Overview Video

Note: This is an ongoing work-in-progress version of the Scorpion Editor for Windows and the included Commodore Amiga game samples. It isn't feature complete, is likely to have more than a handful of breaking bugs, and may not work on every Windows configuration - Windows 10 is the recommended OS. Updates will be released on an "early and often" basis.



The editor itself is not open source - but all of the included demos are.

These demo games are archived, will not be maintained, and will eventually be removed from the archive. They're still included for reference.

  • Zelda: Return of the Hylian demo based on the games by Nintendo and the fan work by Vincent Jouillat. Includes tracker music by Coma28
  • Ace Attorney demo based on the games by Capcom.

Uses the Silk Icons pack - - as well as the application icons for FS-UAE, WinUAE and Backbone.

Documentation still needs to be done, but this video covers the essentials:

Please report all bugs and other issues through the issues tab:

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Editor for Scorpion engine (closed source), along with demo games (open source)



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