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This repo contains all materials required to reproduce the paper "A new tidy data structure to support exploration and modeling of temporal data".

The R packages used in this manuscript can be installed via

  • tsibble.Rmd: the main document written in R Markdown
  • scripts/: R code used for analysis and figures in Section 6
  • img/: image generated by other tools to illustrate concepts
  • data/: data sets used for demonstration and analysis
  • data-raw/: R scripts to preprocess raw data

Download the data using piggyback

This repo includes two relatively larger (>= 50MB) data files data/flights.rds and data/smart-meter13.rds, which doesn't fit into a normal github model. You need to download the data sets using

# install.packages("piggyback")
piggyback::pb_download(repo = "earowang/paper-tsibble", dest = tempdir())

Clone the repo with git-lfs

In order to clone this repo, you need to download and install a git plugin called git-lfs for versioning large files, and then set up Git LFS using command git lfs install in console.