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PhD thesis

This repo contains source files for my PhD thesis titled, "Tidy tools for supporting fluent workflow in temporal data analysis", at Monash University.

Clone with git-lfs

Since this repo contains two large data files (>= 50MB), you need to first download and install a git plugin called git-lfs for versioning large files, and set up Git LFS using command git lfs install in console, in order to fully clone this repo.

Reproducible research using renv

This research project uses the renv package to create reproducible environments. A project-specific library will be created when you open this project with R/RStudio. Run renv::restore() to install a long list of packages with the same versions that are used to produce this manuscript.


  • Rmd/: R Markdown source documents for thesis document.
  • scripts/: R code to reproduce tables, figures and analysis.
  • data/: Cleaned data used for thesis document.
  • data-raw/: R code to generate data in data/.
  • img/: Images made with other tools to illustrate ideas.
  • bib/: Bibliography files.
  • template/: Monash thesis template from robjhydman/MonashThesis.


This work is licensed under a CC BY NC SA 4.0. The code contained in this work is available under the MIT license.