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Simple and somewhat-localised timestamp formatting.

Note that in some cases, especially if you want to use standard formats and in other locales, it may be better to use the built-in Date or Intl functions.


Install with npm/pnpm/yarn:

npm i @eartharoid/dtf


const DTF = require('@eartharoid/dtf');
const dtf = new DTF();

// a new `Date` will be created
const timestamp = dtf.fill('DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss');
console.log(timestamp); // => `13/07/2021 14:44:51`

// custom `Date` and use UTC time
const timestamp = dtf.fill('DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss', new Date(), true);
console.log(timestamp); // => `13/07/2021 13:44:51`

See DTF#fill.


Placeholder Description Example
YYYY The full year number 2021
YY The short year number 21
MMMM The full month name July
MMM The short month name Jul
MM The zero-padded month number 07
M The non-padded month number 7
DDDD The full day name Tuesday
DDD The short day name Tue
DD The zero-padded date number 13
D_ The date followed by its ordinal suffix 13th
D The non-padded date number 13
HH The zero-padded 24h hour number 14
hh The zero-padded 12h hour number 02
h The non-padded 12h hour number 2
mm The zero-padded minute number 18
m The non-padded minute number 18
ss The zero-padded second number 09
s The non-padded second number 9
SSS The zero-padded millisecond number 638


new DTF(locale?)

Create a new DTF instance.

  • locale? - the locale of this DTF instance (default is 'en')


The locale of this DTF instance.

DTF#fill(format?, date?, utc?)

Fill a given or the default timestamp format using the current date or the Date provided.

  • format? - the placeholder string (default is 'HH:mm:ss')
  • date? - the Date object used to fill the placeholders (defaults to a new Date object)
  • utc? - use UTC time? (default is false)

DTF#AMPM(date?, utc?)

Returns 'AM' or 'PM' based on the time

  • date? - the date to use (defaults to a new Date object)
  • utc? - use UTC time? (default is false)


Appends st, nd, rd, or th to the given number for an English locale. I don't know what it does for other locales.

  • number - the number to append the ordinal suffix to


Converts a 24h number to 12h.

  • h - the 24h number


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MIT license.

© 2021 Isaac Saunders