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# Takes an .svg file and fills all white (ffffff) shape regions with random colors, n times, OR from colors randomly selected from a list (per optional paramater passed to script).
# Pass this script three parameters (the third is optional), being:
# $1 an .svg file name and
# $2 how many random color fill variations of that file to create, and
# $3 OPTIONAL; will produce random colors if absent: a flat text file list of hexadecimal RGB color codes, one per line, from which to choose random colors for this fill. NOTE: each hex color must be preceded by #. This script makes a copy of the .svg with a name being a time stamp. NOTE: This expects an svg colored via hexadecimal color code fills where areas to color are designated in the svg as #ffffff. If your svg is not thus, potrace the original black bitmap using, or use the SVGOMG service (convert your SVG file online) at: -- or use SVGO re and -- It converts rgb values to hex by default. BUT NOTE: for our purposes, DO NOT use the "minify colors" option.
# TO DO:
# - make it use an optional global hex color schemes dir tree (search path), otherwise search in path script is invoked from.
# - make it name the target file after the color scheme.
# ? - implement an optional buffer memory of the last three colors used, and if the current picked color is among them, pick another color until it is not among them.
# ? - replace all this functionality with a script that works with a nodejs svg library, if possible? It could be run from a CLI on any local nodejs (node) install.
# If no $3 parameter passed to script, create an array of 18 random hex RGB color values. Otherwise, create the array from the list in the filename specified in $3.
if [ -z ${3+x} ]
echo Generating random hex colors array . . .
for i in $( seq 18 );
# TO DO: make this work faster with one pre-generated string in memory that you bite six bytes off in increments.
randomHexString=`cat /dev/urandom | tr -cd 'a-f0-9' | head -c 6`
echo Random color \#"$randomHexString" . . .
# TO DO: make this save the generated hex color scheme to a plain text file.
echo Generating hex colors array from file $3 . . .
sed 's/#//g' $3 > srcHexColorsNoHash.txt
mapfile -t rndHexColors < srcHexColorsNoHash.txt
for element in ${rndHexColors[@]}
echo Color $element . . .
rm srcHexColorsNoHash.txt
sizeOf_rndHexColors=$(( $sizeOf_rndHexColors - 1)) # Else we get an out of range error for the zero-based index of arrays.
# echo val of sizeOf_rndHexColors is $sizeOf_rndHexColors
# Dev test to assure no picks are out of range (with the first seq command in this script changed to 3):
# for i in $( seq 50 )
# do
# pick=`shuf -i 0-"$sizeOf_rndHexColors" -n 1`
# echo sizeOf_rndHexColors val \(\*zero-based\*\) is $sizeOf_rndHexColors
# echo rnd pick is $pick
# done
for i in $( seq $2 )
echo Generating variant $i of $1 . . .
timestamp=`date +"%Y%m%d_%H%M%S_%N"`
cp $1 $newFile
numFFFFFFstringsInFile=`grep -c "[fF][fF][fF][fF][fF][fF]" $newFile` # The repeated [fF] is to allow for six fs lowercase OR uppercase in a row (svgs vary in representing hex digits in upper or lower case letters.)
for j in $( seq $numFFFFFFstringsInFile )
pick=`shuf -i 0-"$sizeOf_rndHexColors" -n 1`
# echo pick is $pick
echo Randomly picked hex color \#"$randomHexString" for fill . . .
# ULTIMATE CLUGE WORKAROUND for problem mixing ' and " in a sed command; NOTE that the $ is escaped--in some insane way that for some reason the shell insists! :
# NOTE: I was at first using $j instead of 1 to delimit which instance should be replaced, but D'OH! : that nth instance changes (for the next replace by count operation) after any inline replace!
# Changing nth instance of string re:
# test command that worked:
# sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/FFFFFF/3f2aff/5' test.svg
sedCommand=`echo sed -i \'":a;N;\\$!ba;s/[fF]\{6\}/$randomHexString/1"\' $newFile`
# echo $sedCommand
echo $sedCommand >
chmod 777 ./
rm ./
chmod 777 $newFile
# working command that replaces the 4th instance of jack in the file with jill:
# sed ':a;N;$!ba;s/jack/jill/4' wut.svg