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EarthChem Library Repository - Release Notes


EarthChem Library Repository - Release Notes

Version Release Date
v 4.1.0 April 13, 2021
v 4.0.0 August 26, 2020
v 3.6.9 April 27, 2020
v 3.6.8 February 4, 2020
v 3.6.7 September 23, 2019
v 3.6.6 April 26, 2019
v 3.6.5 April 12, 2019
v 3.6.4 December 19, 2018
v 3.6.3 August 10, 2018
v 3.6.1, v 3.6.2 July 13, 2018
v 3.6.0 May 4, 2018
v 3.5.1 March 20, 2018
v 3.5.0 January 31, 2018
v 3.4.0 November 8, 2017
v 3.3.0 November 6, 2017
v 3.2.0 July 24, 2015
v 3.1.0 January 31, 2015
v 3.0.0 November 21, 2014
v 2.5.2 April 22, 2014
v 2.5.1 February 21, 2014
v 2.5.0 February 4, 2014
v 2.4.1 October 25, 2013
v 2.4.0 October 4, 2013

Version 4.1.0

  • April 2021

New Features

1. Added new styling to the EarthChem Library to match the new EarthChem website, re-implemented the navigation menu and added content to the website footer.
2. Added support for download file checksum including instructions on how to validate the checksum found on dataset landing pages.
3. Created a global heatmap for EarthChem Library datasets.
4. Added the ability to remove the last file from a submission in MyECL.
5. Created EarthChem Library container for development.


1. Improvements to the file upload process including increasing the number and size of files that can be uploaded to a submission, increasing the number of supported file extensions that can be uploaded, and improving filename validation.
2. Improved lead Author autofill. 
3. AstroRepo long term archive has been seperated from EarthChem Library. AstroRepo now has its own S3/Glacier storage on Amazon Web Services and has its own file storage on the server.
4. The EarthChem Library Long Term Archive has been moved to a new S3/Glacier account.
5. Python package is moved out from ECL source code tree and updated Python version.
6. The top 10 most downloaded datasets can be accessed via a new web service.
7. JSON-LD content was updated according to and
8. Improved the user profile page for users who do not have an ORCID and login with GeoPass.
9. Added author middle initial to the example citation on submision landing page.
10. Moved config files out of the source code tree.
11. Added back end validation for award number to not exceed 256 characters.
12. Removed the ability to edit First and Last name in user profile when first and last name are already present.
13. Added instructinos on the user profile page for GeoPass users who do not have an ORCID.
14. Improved instructions on the submission confirmation page when an error occurs.
15. The dataset submission form does not display if the user does not have permission or is published.

Bug Fixes

1. Fixed bug that allowed 'Other' type award to have award string that exceeded the length limit.
2. Fixed bug in search results that cleared search results when users filtered search results by Author, release date or title or when users moved to a different page of search results.
3. Fixed bug that duplicated IGSNs on submission landing pages.
4. Fixed bug where dataset_doi value was incorrectly formatted.
5. Fixed bug in the file replacement in MyECL.

Database Improvements

1. Added new tables, 'archive_file_checksum' to support dataset checksum values.
2. Cleaned up 'datasetl_file_list table', which was mismatched on the server file name.
3. Added 'file_size' column to 'dataset_file_list'.
4. Consolidated ORCID and SCOPUS calues into 'person' table.

Version 4.0.0

  • August 2020
1. Implemented ORCID Login for contributors.

2. If a user updates their existing GEOPASS profile with ORCID ID, they can see all of their submissions and then login using ORCID.

3. ORCIDs can be added for Lead and Co-authors on the Submission Form.

4. User profile pages now support middle name, department, city, postal code and country information.

5. Implemented AstroMat Repository v 1.0.0 based on ECL v 4.0.0.

6. Improved layout for landing pages and submission form buttons.

7. Added DOIs to the Search Results page.

8. Added DataCite Metadata field IsPreviousVersionOf to DOI XML metadata.

9. Fixed a bug occurring when updating previously saved submissions.

10. Enhanced functionality for ECL REST API, to retrieve latest submissions to the ECL.

Version 3.6.9

  • April 2020
1. Implemented a script for emailing ECL user survey

2. Updated text on FAQ page

3. Streamlined PHP script for DOI assignment, faster access to submission directory, and user download statistics.

4. Implemented log monitoring for components of website (Checklist, FAQ) to track usability statistics.

Version 3.6.8

  • February 2020
1. After submitting data to the EarthChem Library users are invited to fill out a survey to help improve the functionality of the interface.

2. Users can check Frequently Asked Questions about data submissions.

3. When updating the publication DOI in MyECL, users will receive an email notification.

4. Related Publications and their DOIs are featured higher on ECL landing pages.

5. File uploading instructions have been updated.

6. Improved search capabilities for Clumped Isotope data type.

Version 3.6.7

  • September 2019
1. Improved discoverability on Google search engine

2. Added zip, gz to allowed file format list

3. User contributed keywords are available on landing pages for published submissions

4. Multiple publication DOIs can be associated with a submission

5. Users can update their related publication DOI(s) on the myECL page after the dataset is submitted

6. Users will receive an automated email when the release date of their dataset is one month out (see for more information about submission release dates)

7. Added functionality to download files from URLs for long term archive

8. Citation texts conform to ESIP standard across ECL

Version 3.6.6

  • August 2019
1. Updated DOI registration feature to use the new version of DataCite's REST API.

2. Consolidated DOI and ECL landing pages and updated DOI landing page URLs to resolve to ECL landing pages.

3. Added Smithsonian volcano numbers to relevant past submissions and updated the DOI and metadata records of these submissions. 

4. Migrated pre-existing cruise DOIs and IGSNs into a consolidated related identifier table.

5. Added a confirmation message after successful dataset submissions. 

6. Improved clarity and number of metadata fields displayed on the ECL landing page.

Version 3.6.5

  • April 2019
1. Users can now link their ECL datasets to related identifiers and information such as IGSN, Smithsonian Volcano Number, and Cruise DOI.

2. The ECL now offers REST APIs for these external identifiers and is working to expand these APIs in future releases.

3. ECL dataset landing pages now align more closely with DOI landing pages.

4. Users submitting to the ECL can now select if they would like to submit their dataset to be reviewed for inclusion in PetDB.

5. Users are now able to change the release date of their dataset after it has been submitted or published. The release date may not be set more than two years beyond the date metadata was published.

6. Improved handling of download statistics and summaries sent to users.

7. Improved the security of personal ECL record pages.

Version 3.6.4

  • December 2018
1. Users can now choose the license they would like to associate with their dataset.

2. Improved handling of long-term archiving and bag creation. 

3. Fixed bugs related to saved submissions and large file sizes.

4. Improved clarity of error messages when the uploaded file size exceeds the limit.

5. Increased file name length. 

6. Funding source now propagates to DataCite for NASA and Other award types.

7. Improved the automation of download statistics sent to users so that the same user does not receive multiple reports.

Version 3.6.3

  • August 2018
Several minor bug fixes.

Versions 3.6.1 and 3.6.2

  • July 2018
Automated email notification to users with download statistics for their contributed datasets.

Added additional navigation features.

Several bug fixes.

Version 3.6.0

  • May 2018
1. Changed submission workflow to incorporate funding award number entry into the data submission web form, reducing potential barriers to submission.

2. ECL submission form now allows entry of multiple funding awards and funding sources (NSF, NASA, and Other).

3. Improved validation of NSF funding awards, using NSF web service, rather than internal harvest of award subset.

4. All datasets submitted to the ECL are now required to receive a DOI. This was previously suggested, but not required.

5. Updated disclaimer pop-up page upon dataset download to include clearer guidance on how to cite ECL datasets.

6. Improved the display of latitude and longitude in search by map.

7. Improved navigation upon logout from MyECL.

8. Styled ECL search, submit, browse, and MyECL pages to fit with new EarthChem website style.

Version 3.5.1

  • March 2018
   EarthChem Library dataset DOI records are now automatically converted to another metadata standard, known as ISO.

   Several small bug fixes.

Version 3.5.0

  • January 2018 (Jan. 29, 2018)


Upgraded ECL DOI XML records to DataCite schema V4.0.
    Added new fields to DOI XML records. Such as IGSN, GeoBoundingBox, GeoPoint, CreatedDate, etc. See details here .
    Changed DOI number generation method.
Automated DOI XML record generation and registration process. See detail here .
Added UI to generate email notification for quarterly data usage report.
Automated download statistics plot.

New Feature:

Implemented DOI XML record web service.

Database changes:

Added new column 'dataset_doi_created' in submissions table.
Added new ECL and IEDA related keyword tables and mapping table.
Added new person external identifier table for ORCID etc.
Added new cruise mapping table.
Added new submission relationship table.
Added XML feature for database.

Version 3.4.0

  • November 2017
User download statistics, including email, IP address, and submission ID, tracked internally in the ECL database, rather than in an external system.
Restyled download disclaimer page.

Version 3.3.0

  • November 2015 (Nov. 6, 2015)
GRL-181, GRL-228 and GRL-232, GRL-222

1. Database schema enhancement: Add new table to keep geometry information. Modified an existing table schema to link IGSN with geometry information.

2. Several scripts are written to backfill all geometry and IGSNs information into database.

3. The script to automate uploading IGSNs and geometry information is implemented.

4. Map Search is implemented.

5. Bug fixes in search by IGSN.

Version 3.2.0

  • July 2015 (July 24, 2015)

Bug Fixes:

GRL-219, Align display of file names on admin view
GRL-224, Add Published Lead Authors to drop down list for this quarter
GRL-207, Fix error for file download in Admin that happens in the Chrome browser


GRL-206, Submission table clean up and new table status is created.
    lead_author, co_author, deleted, removed and approval columns are removed status_id column is added.
GRL-214, Consolidate search.php and submission_search.php views.
    Aligned what the Admin search sees to be included in the public view search.
GRL-223, Inform user and ECL admin if file upload is not successful.
    Added a Approval Status section in the usual email admin gets when a new submission is in ECL.
    A secondary email has been created to alert the admin. This is when there is a bigger issue usually on the connectivity of the user side.
    A tertiary email has been created to alert the admin. This is when there is issues with the external submission.
GRL-218, Improvement to Author/Person search (James Gill example)
GRL-209, Convert to Dynamic checkboxes
    Checkbox choices  pull from database
    Add new Data type SocialScience to the list
GRL-238, Add version number to ecl pages browse, search, submit, user home and admin home.
GRL-237, various DB changes for consolidation and cleanup.

New Functionality:

 GRL-212, Add capability for users to save a session if they cannot complete a submission.
    Make a new status for the submission. 0 Incomplete , 1 Submitted, 2 Published , 3 Rejected , 4 Archived, 5 ExternalResource name the column as submissions.status_id.
    Enhance View My EarthChem Library Records page to include displaying all status 5 submissions which belongs to the person who is logging into geopass. Link will read "Continue Submission".
    Enhance the myECL home page to notify users to continue with their save and incomplete submission.
    Strip out queries in various views and construct classes for them. This will reduce duplicates for query calls.
    Prefill all form values from the saved session. Even for dynamic sections such as co authors and lead author from drop down or new lead author.
    Place checks for access to users on their own form. Trying to access other saved forms should be forbidden.
    Let users edit files before final submission. (reupdate)
    Admins do not need to be notified by email of a saved submission
    Cosmetic changes to the page "View MY ECL records" and main myECL Page
GRL-228 Implement search by IGSN
    Add new table public.dataset_file_external_identifier.
    search includes new field for igsn number
        The igsn field is not required and no entry is made the search will continue without user prompts.
        Take in igsn number min range 9 to max range 10
        If a user enters a igsn less than 9 alphanumeric digits a error message prompts the user to fix the entry before search submission.
        If a user enters a igsn more than 10 alphanumeric digits a error message prompts the user to fix the entry before search submission.

Version 3.1.0

  • January 2015
    Inform user and ECL admin if file upload is not successful
    Align display of file names on admin view
    Improvement on autho/person search
    Align searches on public and admin interface
    Save session
    Fix chrome error during file download
    Clean up back end of dataset_file_list and co-author columns

Version 3.0.0

  • November 2014
    Changes to backend, ECL source code moved to GitHub
    Synched production and development and GitHub
    Capability to display the link to an older or newer version from the Dataset Profile page
    Improvements to MyECL - links to edit profile, view submissions, and submit new data.
    Semi-automated DOI notification email (copy and paste)
    Semi-automated json file  (copy and paste)
    Added dynamically generated "How to Cite this Data" to each DCL dataset profile page
    Migrated EarthChemLibrary data to newer version of PostgreSQL server
    Backfilled original name into ECL

Version 2.5.2

  • April 2014
    Fix static title in Thomson-Reuter xml.
    Add abstract and keywords tags in Thomson-Reuter xml.

Version 2.5.1

  • Feb 2014
    Add option to save Thomson-Reuter xml to file.

Version 2.5.0

  • Feb 2014
    Add multiple file replace functionality in admin tools.
    Add various messages/instructions in admin tools.
    Add editing functionality on DOI section of admin tool.
    Add file delete and file add functionality to admin tools.
    Add Thomson-Reuter xml file generation.
    Add citations section for detail submission record.

Version 2.4.1

  • October 2013
    Removed obsolete files.
    Update gitignore
    Make use of dynamic paths

Version 2.4.0

  • October 2013
    Multiple file upload
    Multiple file download
    Search by datatype
    Browse by related synthesis database
    Enhanced author entry

Other things to remind users:

Link to DOI
Link to Award