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Multiple Hub Deployment for Earth Lab JupyterHubs | hub-ops

Infrastructure and operations for the Earth Lab JupyterHubs.

Deployment status: Build Status Documentation status: Docs Status


Read the documentation at:

Build the documentation locally using:

$ cd docs $ make html


Visit for monitoring of the hubs.

Available hubs

Hubs which are running:

Hubs available for deployment (currently not running):

  • The nbgrader hub. This is a hub that uses a development version of nbgrader while we wait for a PR to be merged into the base repo. It is configured using the chart in hub-charts/nbgrader-hub/.
  • The workshop hub. It is configured via the chart in hub-charts/wshub/. Used for a 45 person workshop with temporary logins.
  • The bootcamp hub. It is configured via the chart in hub-charts/bootcamp-hub/.


TODO: Add instructionst o build the docs locally here