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Pronunciation: exfiltrate or exfil-treat
IPA: /ˈɛksfɪltɹeɪt/ or /ˈɛksfɪltɹit/

This is just one thing of many things that was missing from the Internet. If you got tired of trying several tunnelling tools for each protocols, this must be your tool^W framework.


If you want to:

  • get unrestricted Internet access from restricted networks
  • exfiltrate data over a noisy side channel
  • use a custom protocol to tunnel data
  • etc.

Then this could be your ultimate tool.


The tool is a proof of concept, Python 2.7, ugly code etc. If this upsets you, please move along do not waste your time on this.

It is not yet production grade, edge cases (and not that edge cases) are might not handled very well. There can be vulnerabilities in the code that has not been fixed yet. In case you manage to identify any, please contact me in private or create an issue on the Github page.


Please find the following pages below to start:

Community support

You can help by doing one of the following things:

  • Join the development and take some responsibilities in the project
  • Help spreading the word about the tool. Better coverage could help on development as well
  • Donate some crypto currencies to the following addresses:
    • Bitcoin: 1JKBkCEexmNH9qptHCYJNZqa9ki9W78T5r
    • Litecoin: LYJLvmuSdTq6jMkkGK18hPscTRnXxQraGd
    • Ethereum: 0x8fd9Bc3A9c64229aD479eDB29B4097Dd15F61059
    • Dash: XpMeFGu4Lo6ddzmzmfxirh5jXfXG3ojTvy

XFLTReaT wiki pages

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