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@dahlia dahlia released this Apr 22, 2014 · 215 commits to master since this release

  • Session files in .sessions/ directory become to be touched
    only once at a transaction. [#43]
  • Added SubscriptionSet.contains() method which provides
    recursively=True option. It's useful for determining that
    a subcategory or subscription is in the whole tree.
  • Attribute.default option becomes to accept only callable objects. Below 0.2.0,
    default is not a function but a value which is simply used as it is.
  • libearth.parser.heuristic module is gone; and get_format()
    function in the module is moved to libearth.parser.autodiscovery
    module: get_format().
  • Added Link.html property.
  • Added LinkList.permalink property.
  • Fixed a FileSystemRepository bug that conflicts
    reading buffer and emits broken mixed bytes when there are simultaneous
    readings and writings to the same key.
  • Fixed broken functions related to repository urls on Windows.
  • Fixed libearth.compat.parallel.cpu_count() function not to
    raise NotImplementedError in some cases.
  • Fixed Rfc822 to properly work also on non-English locales e.g. ko_KR.
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