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IM bot, text generation and summary tool
Scheme Rust Standard ML Shell
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Bender is a IM bot, text generation and summary service, primarily intended to help my other projects.

Getting started

Bender is written in Scheme, using the CHICKEN compiler.

  • Install dependencies(aka, eggs) with ./

  • Compile with ./

  • Run the tests with ./

  • Then ./bender for a local server running on port 1337


/generate?what=<name | description>&max-chars=<integer>

Text generation. Parameters are as follows:

  • what indicates the kind of text to generate. Current options are name, which produces a sentence in the formats <adjective> [, <adjective>] <noun> or [<adjective>] <noun> [who | that] [<adverb>] <verb> [<adjective>] [<noun>] [<other>] using the files of same name in /data; and description, which produces a markov chain generated text using the contents of data/source-text.

  • max-chars is the maximum number of characters to generate.

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