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Django RPX

This app is functioning.

django-rpx Handles site login and user registration using the rpxnow.com service.

Based off the recipe by "brian ellin" of rpxnow.com


  • Could really use a test suite. Help is welcome with the intricacies of mocking out this kind of messy redirect/AJAX service. (automated browser, sure, but how do I mock out the rpxnow service itself?)
  • Implement sign-in interface customisation and localisation: https://rpxnow.com/docs#sign-in_interface
  • Optionally implement the mapping api https://rpxnow.com/docs#mappings to ease integration?


  • Put the code in a directory called 'django_rpx' somewhere in your path and put 'django_rpx' in your installed apps.
  • create a url path that serves up the rpx_response view in views.py.
  • You will also need to put the RPXNOW_API_KEY, RPXNOW_REALM and optionally RPX_TRUSTED_PROVIDERS into your settings.py (RPXNOW_REALM isn't well documented on the rpxnow site, but it's the subdomain of rpxnow.com that handles your HTTP callback - e.g. if http://possumpalace-blog.rpx.now is the destination of the link in your provided rpxnow snippet, your realm is "possumpalace-blog".
  • You will also need to add rpx to your authentication providers list AUTHENTICATION_BACKENDS = ( 'rpx.backends.RpxBackend', 'django.contrib.auth.backends.ModelBackend', )
  • You might want to include the rpx template tags in your site code somewhere to provide a login link. Their embedded iframe version is not yet templated up, but the popup/link-out version is provided.