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grunt-contrib-copy Build Status

Copy files and folders.

Recent Confusion

Many expect this task to work like cp on *nix systems but it was designed to use grunt conventions including the use of minimatch regex. We are working hard to make this and other tasks suitable for advanced users but there are no current plans to emulate cp.


Inside your grunt.js file add a section named copy. This section specifies the files to copy.


files object

This defines what files this task will copy and should contain key:value pairs.

The key (destination) should be an unique path (supports grunt.template) and the value (source) should be a filepath or an array of filepaths (supports minimatch).

As of v0.3.0, when copying to a directory you must add a trailing slash to the destination due to added support of single file copy.

options object

This controls how this task operates and should contain key:value pairs, see options below.


basePath string

This option adjusts the folder structure when copied to the destination directory. When not explicitly set, best effort is made to locate the basePath by comparing all source filepaths left to right for a common pattern.

flatten boolean

This option performs a flat copy that dumps all the files into the root of the destination directory, overwriting files if they exist.

processName function

This option accepts a function that adjusts the filename of the copied file. Function is passed filename and should return a string.

options: {
  processName: function(filename) {
    if (filename == "test.jpg") {
      filename = "newname.jpg";
    return filename;
processContent function

This option is passed to grunt.file.copy as an advanced way to control the file contents that are copied.

processContentExclude string

This option is passed to grunt.file.copy as an advanced way to control which file contents are processed.

minimatch object

These options will be forwarded on to expandFiles, as referenced in the minimatch options section

Config Example

copy: {
  dist: {
    files: {
      "path/to/directory/": "path/to/source/*", // includes files in dir
      "path/to/directory/": "path/to/source/**", // includes files in dir and subdirs
      "path/to/project-<%= pkg.version %>/": "path/to/source/**", // variables in destination
      "path/to/directory/": ["path/to/sources/*.js", "path/to/more/*.js"], // include JS files in two diff dirs
      "path/to/filename.ext": "path/to/source.ext"

Task submitted by Chris Talkington.