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This is the repo for the paper "Revealing the Importance of Semantic Retrievalfor Machine Reading at Scale".
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This repo contains the source code for the following paper

  • Yixin Nie, Songhe Wang, Mohit Bansal, Revealing the Importance of Semantic Retrievalfor Machine Reading at Scale. in EMNLP, 2019.". (arxiv)


The paper proposes a simple but effective pipeline system for both Question Answering and Fact Verification, achieving start-of-the-art results on HotpotQA and FEVER 1.0.

The system roughly consists of 4 components (see the figure below): Term-based/Heuristic Retrieval, Neural Paragraph Retrieval, Neural Sentence Retrieval and QA/NLI.

Each neural component is trained by sampling data using upstream components and supervised by intermediate annotations provided by the data set. (Find out more in the paper.)


More importantly, the system is used as a testbed to analyze and reveal the importance of intermediate semantic retrieval and how the retrieval performance will affect the downstream tasks on different metrics. We hope the analysis could be insightful and inspiring for future development on OpenDomain QA/NLI systems.



  • Python 3.6
  • torch 1.0.1.post2
  • allennlp 0.8.1
  • pytorch-pretrained-bert 0.4.0
  • tqdm
  • sqlitedict
  • lxml
  • (More coming)

Download spacy em-package after installing allennlp.

python -m spacy download en_core_web_sm

Packages with different versions might be compatible but are not tested.


Download Data


In the repo directory, run the following commands.

mkdir data
cd data
mkdir hotpotqa
cd hotpotqa
Wikipedia (Optional)

In the repo directory, run the following commands.

cd data
Preprocessed Wiki

We preprocessed the Wikipedia dump and saved it into a sqlite-database. The database can be downloaded from whole_for_rindex.db.

In the repo root directory, create the folder for the processed wikidb:

mkdir -p data/processed/reverse_indexing

Then, move the downloaded db-file into the above folder data/processed/reverse_indexing/whole_for_rindex.db.

Intermediate Retrieval Data

We also provide intermediate retrieval data that you can directly use for any downstream.


Download the intermediate paragraph and sentence level results using the command below.

bash scripts/


Folder Structure

In order to run further experiments, your repository folder should be similar to the one below.

├── data
│   ├── hotpotqa
│   │   ├── hotpot_dev_distractor_v1.json
│   │   ├── hotpot_dev_fullwiki_v1.json
│   │   ├── hotpot_test_fullwiki_v1.json
│   │   └── hotpot_train_v1.1.json
│   ├── p_hotpotqa
│   │   ├── hotpotqa_paragraph_level
│   │   ├── hotpotqa_qa_results
│   │   └── hotpotqa_sentence_level
│   └── processed
│       └── reverse_indexing
│           └── whole_for_rindex.db
├── ENV
├── scripts
│   └──
└── src
    ├── bert_model_variances
    ├── build_rindex
    ├── data_utils
    ├── evaluation
    ├── fever_doc_retri
    ├── fever_eval
    ├── fever_models
    ├── fever_sampler
    ├── fever_utils
    ├── flint
    ├── hotpot_content_selection
    ├── hotpot_data_analysis
    ├── hotpot_doc_retri
    ├── hotpot_eval
    ├── hotpot_fact_selection_sampler
    ├── inspect_wikidump
    ├── multi_task_retrieval
    ├── neural_modules
    ├── open_domain_sampler
    ├── qa_models
    ├── span_prediction_task_utils
    ├── squad_models
    ├── utils
    └── wiki_util


Train final HotpotQA Model

Now, you can run the following command in the repo root directory to train a QA model on HotpotQA data:

python src/qa_models/

The model checkpoints will be saved in saved_models directory.

Note: You can ignore the potential error prompts.


  title     = {Revealing the Importance of Semantic Retrieval for Machine Reading at Scale},
  author    = {Yixin Nie, Songhe Wang, Mohit Bansal},
  booktitle = {EMNLP},
  year      = {2019}
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