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# Mission: Announcable

Voiceovers. Informative soundbites. Say it with emphasis and a somewhat below-par text to speech engine.

# Networked Announcer Daemon: announced

The announce daemon, announced, takes 2 arguments: one, a URL to bind to for ZeroMQ SUB, and optionally a filename to a json file full of text to filename mappings. For example

  ["hello world", "helloworld.mp3"],
  ["flee for your lives, puny mortals.", "flee.mp3"]

In this case, if those files are in the working directory from which announced was invoked, if strings matching (or close-enough, read the code if you care how the close-enough logic works, it's pretty simple) the first part of each mapping are sent, then the text to speech engine will be skipped and the files will be played instead.

Messages sent to the announced daemon have 2 required arguments: text and pitch. Pitch is currently not used when a file is matched.

from zmqfan import zmqsub
spk = zmqsub.JSONZMQConnectPub('tcp://*:4900')
spk.send({'text': 'flee for your lives, puny mortals', 'pitch' : 0})
# Announcer Client: announcec

The above example would cause the flee.mp3 file to be played back. It could also be accomplished by using announcec, a client for the daemon:

./announcec 'tcp://*:4900' 'flee for your lives, puny mortals' 0
# Announcer Bot: announcebot

announcebot is an IRC bot that relies on announced to actually do the announcements. Usage:

usage: announcebot <server> <nick> <channel> <announce_url>

In this case, the announce_url is the part starting with tcp://

# Dependencies ## Needed for announced
  • python libraries - install via requirements.pip
  • espeak or Festival. Either one will work. Espeak will be selected if both are available. If you use festival, 2.1 is suggested for better voices.
## Needed for announcebot # License

This software is released under GPL2, GPL3, or BSD four and a half clauses with meatballs. Pick one.