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Analyze an IRC chatroom and light up a representative light sculpture
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Eric Stein authored

What's This?

This is an IRC bot that analyzes traffic on a channel and uses it to output to a light art installation to physically and visually bridge the gap between the virtual world and the physical one.




This program connects to an IRC channel, analyzes by keywords, and produces json messages over a ZeroMQ PUB socket (bound) that describe the state of the channel and related events.


The watch_reports program connects to the ZeroMQ PUB socket that chatlight publishes on and converts the json messages to instructions for running the 2 blink counters for each light on the physical sculpture. These instructions are sent over serial in a binary checksummed format to the arduino.

chatlight (arduino)

The arduino sketch listens on the serial input and also operates the blinkers. It defaults to a "scan" that makes a red light move back and forth along the top (to show that it has not got instructions yet).


These both run in parallel.

./watch_reports tcp://
./chatlight nick34231 \#channel tcp://


  • usage for both programs


To run unit tests, use:

nosetests -vv tests
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