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SpaceAPI support #31

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The SpaceAPI is a JSON REST HTTP API for providing metadata about hackerspaces.

What To Implement

Offer multiple options; there's no reason that one system can't have more than one SpaceAPI endpoint. A spaceapi stanza shall have the following fields:

  • metadata: The dictionary of data that the SpaceAPI specifies, except for the open, api, events, lastchange, and status fields.
  • cameras: A list of tuples of camname, level. Each camera is recognized as being active if the ratio is at least level.
  • needed_activity: How many cameras must be considered active before the space is considered open.

Check TODOs in above commit before closing - there's stuff to do.

@eastein eastein referenced this issue from a commit
@eastein #31 don't wrap successful spaceapi result in external dict like the r…
…est of the JSON APIs, handle 404s etc better.
@eastein eastein referenced this issue from a commit
@eastein #31 include 'status' field. 668977b

Calling this done - it works!

There's a running endpoint for PS:One at

@eastein eastein closed this
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