Units Shmunits #1

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Everything is in pixels. I think in inches or centimeters. What's to be done?

This might be helpful: http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/coords.html#Units

I'm happy to work on a solution, but I wanted to pick your brain first to see if you had thought about this already or had something planned.

The quick way would be to define a global unit and then just insert it in the relevant rendering functions. I haven't yet looked closely at some of the more involved functions you've got in there to know if that would interfere in any way.


I like your quick way. Passing it into either the constructor for Layer or the render function is a solid way. Fork forth and do! Well, let me know if you do so we don't dupe the work.

I don't see a reason to make one rendering/creation cycle work in more than one unit type because that's insane and will only cause misery.


Agreed. Expect a pull request shortly.


Apparently my github fu is weak. The pull request is here: #2

@ashanan ashanan added a commit to ashanan/svgcuts that referenced this issue Mar 17, 2012
@ashanan ashanan An alternate fix for #1. I moved the units out of the global space an…
…d into the Line and Layer objects. I also removed units from the Layer constructor so that it doesn't break other things using svgcuts already.

Sweet. Thanks for the work on this @ashanan, closing this up. Used it to good effect tonight.

@eastein eastein closed this Apr 15, 2012

No problem. Glad to hear it.

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