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Kaltura API
An ActiveResource-like RESTful interface to the Kaltura API
You can copy the templates/kaltura.yml.template file into your Rails app as config/kaltura.yml.
Replace the values with your own partner info that you received from Kaltura.
Specs are to test the Kaltura API directly, not this library itself.
Kaltura Pre-requisites
You will need to signup for a Kaltura partner account so you can setup kaltura.yml in your RAILS_ROOT/config (see templates/kaltura.yml.template).
A note about Kaltura "ks" sessions
Kaltura's backend uses its own session system that is completely independent from the Rails session. Kaltura's implementation requires that some requests use a regular session id, and some use an 'admin' session id. We have attempted to completely encapsulate it in the API's lower-level calls so you don't need to worry about which kind to make (see Kshow#admin_session_for to see which ones require admin sessions). When using the SWFs in views you may need to specify a ks. We will be posting some examples shortly displaying Kaltura's views.
Code Pre-requisites
* ActiveSupport
* ActiveResource
Please note that there is a small bug in ActiveResource, where it will not return the response data if the response contains unescaped %'s. See patches/patch_for_activeresource_connection.rb for the fix.
# Creating a new Kshow:
ks = = 'Example Kshow'
ks.puser_id = 'kaltura_user_id'
Developed by Eastmedia (
Sponsored by Remix America (
Copyright (c) 2008 Matt Pelletier, Eastmedia (
See MIT-LICENSE in this directory.
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