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Thorax Inspector Chrome Plugin

  • Download ZIP archive of this repo and unzip
  • Select menu Window > Extensions in Chrome
  • Click Load unpacked extension... and select the unzipped archive
  • Quit and reopen chrome
  • Visit any Thorax app, for example the TodosMVC app
  • Open a context menu and Inspect Element, scroll down in the Elements tab to see the Thorax info panes

To allow the "Thorax Project Files" pane to function in a local project:

sudo npm install -g thorax-inspector
cd your_project
thorax-inspector optional-config.json &

If a file in the current directory is named thorax-inspector.json it will be used as the config, otherwise a config file may be specified. The optional configuration file may contain:

  "editor": "subl",
  "paths": {
    "views": "./js/views",
    "models": "./js/models",
    "collections": "./js/collections"

The "editor" must be a command that can be run from your shell.

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