An ExpressionEngine plugin for embedding Github Gists
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Easy Gists EE Addon

An ExpressionEngine plugin to allow for embedding of Github Gists.


This plugin allows you to control how the Gist is rendered in your page. The only required property is the Gist ID:

{exp:easy_gists id="245831"}

would result in the text content of the Gist found at being printed into the document (all scripting would be removed).

This plugin has several optional parameters:

  • embed: accepts "yes" or "no" ("yes" by default) and determines whether the content should be embedded (as opposed to linked via script)

  • css: accepts "yes" or "no" ("yes" by default) and is used with embed="yes" to determine whether or not the CSS reference should be stripped from the embedded code (in case you either don't want to use the Gist CSS or you've used {exp:gist:css} in the head of your document)

  • file: is the string filename you want the Gist to use (assuming your Gist has multiple files)

    {exp:easy_gists id="245831" file="my.html"}
  • raw: accepts "yes" or "no" ("no" by default) and has the script load the raw code (as opposed to the parsed JavaScript contents) EE2 only

  • wrap_with: the elements you want to wrap around the raw code ("pre.ext,code" by default). Separate multiple elements by a comma. Use ".ext" to add a class equal to the file’s extension to a specific element. EE2 only

  • highlight: Highlight one or more lines (available in raw mode only). Individual lines should be separated by commas ("10,12"). Multiple lines can be higlighted by setting a start and end, separated by a hyphen ("10-12"). You can combine these. EE2 only

  • highlight_with: The markup you want to wrap the highlighted lines ("mark" by default). EE2 only

    {exp:easy_gists id="4622706" file="undoing-tables.scss" raw="yes" highlight="1-8,10"}


pi.easy_gists.php is distributed under the liberal MIT License.