A compass extension that provides a function to determine the lightness of a color in the YIQ color space
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Compass YIQ Color Contrast

The default color contrast function that Compass provides determines if a color is "light" or "dark" by checking its lightness in the HSL color space. Occassionally this function will produce color pairings that - while functionally correct - just look a little "off". The reason for this is that the eye is more sensitive to changes in the orange-blue range than in the purple-green range, so the percieved lightness of a color can change depending its wavelength.

The YIQ color space is designed to take this bias into account. It weighs the different parts of the color according to their impact on our perpection of the color's brightness. By utilizing this color space when doing contrast comparison, the result is a color pairing that appears more natural.

This code is bundled as a Compass extension simply for ease of installation. It actually has no Compass dependencies, so you can use this library in a non-Compass-based project.

For information on color contrast and the YIQ color space:

Compass Extension Installation

Install the Ruby Gem.

gem install compass-yiq-color-contrast

Install into an existing project:

Edit the project configuration file (config.rb) and add:

require 'compass-yiq-color-contrast'

Then run this command from the root of your project:

compass install compass-yiq-color-contrast

When creating a new project:

compass create my_project -r compass-yiq-color-contrast --using compass-yiq-color-contrast

By default, the extension doesn't add any files to your project. An example scss and html file can be imported by installing the "example" pattern:

compass install compass-yiq-color-contrast/example


@import 'yiq-color-contrast'

Configurable Variables

All configuration variables are assigned with the !default flag, so they may be overriden in your project stylesheet.

$yiq-contrasted-dark-default: #000;

The text color to be used when a background is determiend to be "light"

$yiq-contrasted-light-default: #fff;

The text color to be used when a background is determiend to be "dark"

$yiq-contrasted-threshold: 128;

A a value between 0 and 255. It determines when the lightness of color changes from "dark" to "light".

$yiq-debug: false;

Toggles diagnostic messages.


yiq-is-light($color, [$threshold])

Returns true if the color is "light" or false if it is "dark".

yiq-contrast-color($color, [$dark], [$light], [$threshold])

Returns the $light color when the $color is dark and the $dark color when the $color is light. The $threshold is a value between 0 and 255 and it determines when the lightness of $color changes from "dark" to "light".


@include yiq-contrasted($background-color, [$dark], [$light], [$threshold])

Sets the specified background color and calculates a dark or light contrasted text color. The arguments are passed through to the yiq-contrast-color function.


Check out how the YIQ color contrast compares to the default Compass color contrast: http://timhettler.github.io/compass-yiq-color-contrast/