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Thanks to Souche Inc. which provides the server to hold an online service.

Souche Inc.



If you're unable to deploy an Easy Mock service by yourself, the online service is recommended.

Easy Mock is a persistent service that generates mock data quickly and provids visualization view.


  • Support API proxying
  • Convenient shortcuts
  • Support Collaborative editing
  • Support team project
  • Support RESTful
  • Support Swagger | OpenAPI Specification (1.2 & 2.0 & 3.0)
    • Create project quickly based on Swagger
    • Support displaying parameters and the return value
    • Support displaying class model
  • More flexible and extensible in response data
  • Support for custom response configuration (example: status/headers/cookies)
  • Use Mock.js schema
  • Support restc to preview API

Quick Start

Before starting, we assume that you're already have installed Node.js (v8.x, v10.x is not supported) & MongoDB (>= v3.4) & Redis>= v4.0).


$ git clone
$ cd easy-mock && npm install


Find config/default.json or create config/local.json to overwrite some configuration.

Easy Mock will load different configuration files according to your environment. Reference to node-config to get more information because Easy Mock uses node-config as its configuration module.

  "port": 7300,
  "host": "",
  "pageSize": 30,
  "proxy": false,
  "db": "mongodb://localhost/easy-mock",
  "unsplashClientId": "",
  "redis": {
    "keyPrefix": "[Easy Mock]",
    "port": 6379,
    "host": "localhost",
    "password": "",
    "db": 0
  "blackList": {
    "projects": [], // projectId, e.g."5a4495e16ef711102113e500"
    "ips": [] // ip, e.g. ""
  "rateLimit": { //
    "max": 1000,
    "duration": 1000
  "jwt": {
    "expire": "14 days",
    "secret": "shared-secret"
  "upload": {
    "types": [".jpg", ".jpeg", ".png", ".gif", ".json", ".yml", ".yaml"],
    "size": 5242880,
    "dir": "../public/upload",
    "expire": {
      "types": [".json", ".yml", ".yaml"],
      "day": -1
  "ldap": {
    "server": "", // Set server to enable LDAP login. e.g. "ldap://localhost:389" or "ldaps://localhost:389"(use SSL)
    "bindDN": "", // Username,e.g. "cn=admin,dc=example,dc=com"
    "password": "",
    "filter": {
      "base": "", // Base where we can search for users,e.g. "dc=example,dc=com"
      "attributeName": "" // e.g. "mail" or "email" etc.
  "fe": {
    "copyright": "",
    "storageNamespace": "easy-mock_",
    "timeout": 25000,
    "publicPath": "/dist/"


  • The default value of publicPath is '/dist/'. You can replace it to your own CDN if necessary.
  • If you changed some configuration of fe, you should run build command to adapt that changes.


Easy Mock supports two background service, Unsplash and Bing.

If you leave unsplashClientId blank, the background will be provided by Bing.


$ npm run dev
# Visit

More Commands

# Build front-end assets
$ npm run build

# Run Easy Mock as production environment (You should run `build` first)
$ npm run start

# Run unit test
$ npm run test

# Test lint
$ npm run lint


Please configure your configuration files before this step.


We're recommending you to use PM2 as your daemon process.

Install PM2 Globally

$ [sudo] npm install pm2 -g

Launch via PM2

You should run build before this step.

$ NODE_ENV=production pm2 start app.js


Refer to Release and you'll get all the releases and theirs changelog.


Easy Mock is now maintained by Mobi-Architecture team of Souche Inc. If you have any question about this project, you're welcome to post Issues or make some Pull Requests. Before contributing, we think you'd better read the contributing guide.

Real-Time Feedback

You may make some real-time feedback via QQ group.

QQ is the most popular IM software in China and you can get it downloaded via

The QQ group number is 595325417, and here's the QR code of the group:

Who Deployed Easy Mock

If you deployed Easy Mock in your own server, please tell us

Core Contributors