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development server plugin for egg + webpack, support memory file and hot update
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Webpack dev server plugin for egg, support read file in memory and hot reload. More Detail


  • egg-webpack ^4.x.x > webpack 4.x.x
  • egg-webpack ^3.x.x > webpack 3.x.x


$ npm i egg-webpack --save


// {app_root}/config/plugin.js
exports.webpack = {
  enable: true,
  package: 'egg-webpack',


support native webpack config and easywebpack webpack config

// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.webpack = {
  // port: 9000,  

  // webpackConfigList: [],
  • port: {Number}, default 9000. webpack dev server port, default 9000, when hava multile webpack config, the port incremented。
  • browser: {Boolean | String} if it is boolean type, whether to open the browser automatically, defualt true; if it is string, That is url address, will automatically open the browser's url address。
  • proxy: {Boolean | Object}. webpack compiled in a separate service inside, default webpack service is, you can set koa-proxy options access static resources by koa-proxy。the default options:
config.webpack = {
  proxy: {
    host: '', // target host that matched path will be proxy to
    match: /^\/public\//, // proxy url path pattern.
  • webpackConfigList: {Array}, optional, default []. native webpack config.
  • webpackConfigFile: {String}, optional, you must set when you easywebpack config file is not in the project root directory。

webpack native configuration

  • if you write one native webpack config ${app_root}/build/webpack.config.js, you can use like this:
// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.webpack = {
  webpackConfigList: [require('../build/webpack.config.js')]
  • if you use easywebpack solution, you can use like this:

default read webpack.config.js file under the project root directory.

const EasyWebpack = require('easywebpack-vue');
// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.webpack = {
  webpackConfigList: EasyWebpack.getWebpackConfig()
  • if you use easywebpack solution, the easywebpack config file in ${app_root}/build/webpack.config.js, you can use like this:
const EasyWebpack = require('easywebpack-vue');
// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.webpack = {
  webpackConfigList: EasyWebpack.getWebpackConfig('build/webpack.config.js')

easywebpack configuration

The default read webpack.config.js file under the project root directory.

// {app_root}/config/config.default.js
exports.webpack = {
  webpackConfigFile: 'build/webpack.config.js', // easywebpack config file path

see config/config.default.js for more detail.


  • mount app.webpack.fileSystem to app, you can customize the file read logic
// read webpack browser build mode memory file content
app.webpack.fileSystem.readWebpackMemoryFile(filePath).then(fileContent =>{

  • render vue from webpack memory
const path = require('path');
const egg = require('egg');
const vueServerRenderer = require('vue-server-renderer');
module.exports = class IndexController extends egg.Controller {
  async index(ctx) {
    const { app } = ctx;
    const filepath = path.join(app.config.view.root[0], 'app.js');
    // server render mode, the webpack config target:node
    const strJSBundle = await app.webpack.fileSystem.readWebpackMemoryFile(filepath);
    ctx.body = await vueServerRenderer.createBundleRenderer(strJSBundle).renderToString({});

see lib/server.js for more detail.

  • monitor webpack build state
app.messenger.on(app.webpack.Constant.EVENT_WEBPACK_BUILD_STATE, data => {
  if (data.state) {
    const filepath = path.join(app.baseDir, 'config/manifest.json');
    const promise = app.webpack.fileSystem.readWebpackMemoryFile(filepath);
    promise.then(content => {
      fs.writeFileSync(filepath, content, 'utf8');

see lib/constant.js for more detail.

Questions & Suggestions

Please open an issue here.



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