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Easy Updates Manager is a complete WordPress update control center. This plugin is packed full of wonderful features and is ready for you to use.

But how do I use Easy Updates Manager?

In this wiki you will find all the information you need to get Easy Updates Manager up and running on your WordPress website.

This Wiki is split into three sections:

In these sections we are going to go through how to setup Easy Updates Manager and get the most out of using Easy Updates Manager. We hope you find this wiki helpful.

YouTube Videos

If you prefer watching videos as appose to reading this Wiki, then check out the Easy Updates Manager YouTube.

Please Note

Although you may want to disable all your WordPress updates on your website, we (along with WordPress) highly recommend that you keep up to date with your plugins, themes, and WordPress core update to avoid potential bugs and stay more secure. If you don't want to update your WordPress install completely then please take the time to at least make sure that you are using safe a secure version of WordPress that does not have any security vulnerabilities.

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