The quick and easy way to develop modern and fast static websites.
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The quick and easy way to develop modern and fast static websites a.k.a Easy-Website-Generator =)

  • css styling with sass and pre build helpers
  • javascript development with coffee
  • html templating with a hacked haml-coffee
  • custom and predefined haml helpers via nodeJs modules
  • site map generation
  • google analytics
  • twitter and opengraph tags
  • ...


First you need to install nodeJs. Then in your terminal:

npm install -g easy-website-generator coffee-script gulp

mkdir my-workspace

cd my-workspace

ewg init --theme simple

ewg serve

In case you have permission problems prefix the commandos with sudo

Available themes at the moment: all, simple, wordpress, bootstrap-standalone. Many are planned - help creating them =)

After running ewg serve the ewg will compile the html pages and opens a browser. On every source change the browser will reload.




Available Tasks

For a compleete list type: ewg tasks which is equivalent to gulp -T

command line arguments

Usage: ewg [command] [options]

  init      initialises a ewg setup
  serve     starts a webserver on ewg `src` folder and watches for changes
  generate  generates the `dist` folder from your `src` folder by executing the pre defined gulp tasks
  tasks     show registered tasks
  *         you can call any gulp task by passing it to the `ewg` command

  --help        show help                                              [boolean]
  --version     show version                                           [boolean]
  --theme       installs a zipped theme from url when running `ewg init [--theme=simple]`
  --production  loads production settings from your `ewg-config.yml` when running `ewg serve` or
                "generate", default yml section: development
  --test        load test settings from your `ewg-config.yml` when running `ewg serve` or `ewg generate`,
                default yml section: development


ewg init --theme simple see:

ewg init --theme all see:

ewg init --theme bootstrap-standalone see:

All themes are located here:





Version 1.0.1
  • update ewg-generator dependency
  • introduce basic tests / code metrics
Version 1.0.0
  • i guess it is stable now, i used it in in over 20 projects
Version 0.0.17
  • make coffeelint happy
Version 0.0.16
  • fix installer issues with new ewg-config.yml
Version 0.0.15
  • use new basePath option also for workspace path building
Version 0.0.14
  • support new ewg-generator basePath option
Version 0.0.13
  • ewg serve now prints colored child process output
Version 0.0.12
  • move and rename ./src/workspace.yml to ./ewg-config.yml
  • lib/ewg/workspace full configured via ewg-config.yml
  • new config values introduces paths.src.base: './src' and paths.dist.base: './dist'

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