This modules provides code coverage integration based on cobertura.
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Documentation :: cobertura by org.apache.easyant.plugins


This modules provides code coverage integration based on cobertura


<ea:plugin organisation="org.apache.easyant.plugins" module="cobertura" revision="0.1"/>

Organisation attribute is optional. If not specified default one will be used.

<ea:plugin module="cobertura" revision="0.1"/>

Available targets

target name description extension point depends
cobertura:instrument cobertura:init,abstract-compile:compile,abstract-test:init
cobertura:run generates code coverage report cobertura:instrument

Imported module

organisation module revision Import type prefix
org.apache.easyant.plugins abstract-test 0.10 import
org.apache.easyant.plugins abstract-compile 0.9 import

Module parameters


property description required default value
cobertura.src.dir directory containing main sources (used for reports) false ${} Run the tests in a separate VM. (true/false) false true
javac.debug.mode javac debug mode, true or false false true
net.sourceforge.cobertura.datafile false
target.reports base directory for reports false ${target}/reports
target.coverage.reports base directory where coverage reports will be generated false ${target.reports}/coverage
cobertura.exclude.classes.regex Exclude regex pattern to ignore files to be instrumented false ..Test.
cobertura.instrumented.classes.dir Specify the output directory for the instrumented classes false ${target}/coverage
cobertura.datafile Specify the name of the file to use for storing the metadata about your classes. This is a single file containing serialized Java classes. It contains information about the names of classes in your project, their method names, line numbers, etc. It will be updated as your tests are run, and will be referenced by the Cobertura reporting command. false ${cobertura.instrumented.classes.dir}/cobertura.ser
cobertura.include.classes.regex Include regex pattern to select files you want to be instrumented false .*

Ivy Configurations

name description extends visibility deprecated
default runtime dependencies artifact can be used with this conf [] public
test this scope indicates that the dependency is not required for normal use of the application, and is only available for the test compilation and execution phases. [] private
provided this is much like compile, but indicates you expect the JDK or a container to provide it. It is only available on the compilation classpath, and is not transitive. [] public

Dependencies Overview

Organisation Module Revision
net.sourceforge.cobertura cobertura