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A wrapper around Zend_Config_Ini.

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A wrapper around \Zend_Config_Ini to load module configuration throughout our application.

We don't run a giant application.ini for all settings and instead distribute configuration along with the module in local etc directories. This wrapper helps loading these configuration files whenever needed - on demand.

If no environment is set, production is assumed which also caches configuration in APC.


  • PHP 5.3+
  • Zend Framework (1.11.11+)
  • APC

Please note: The only Zend Framework component used is \Zend_Config_Ini (and its dependencies).


$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install easybib/EasyBib_Core_LoadConfig-alpha


use Easybib\Core\LoadConfig as ConfigLoader;
require_once 'EasyBib/Core/LoadConfig.php';

// load app/etc/config.ini
$loader = new ConfigLoader('config.ini');
$config = $loader->load();

In case your application structure is different:

use Easybib\Core\LoadConfig as ConfigLoader;
require_once 'EasyBib/Core/LoadConfig.php';

define('APPLICATION_DIR', '/absolute/path/to/the/folder/application');

// load application/configs/config.ini
$loader = new ConfigLoader('config.ini');
$config = $loader->setConfigDir('configs')->load();

For more examples, please check out the test suite!

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