Twitter bootstrap decorators for Zend_Form
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Bootstrap form decorators for Zend Framework 1

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Installation & Configuration


Add this to repositories:

    "type": "vcs",
    "url": ""

Then this in require:

"easybib/form-decorator": "*"


  1. sudo pear channel-discover
  2. sudo pear install easybib/EasyBib_Form_Decorator-alpha
  3. add autoloaderNamespaces[] = "EasyBib" to your application.ini
  4. add $view->addHelperPath('EasyBib/View/Helper', 'EasyBib_View_Helper'); in your Bootstrap
  5. follow examples in docs folder to integrate it into your forms

Updating? (PEAR)

(We like you best!)

  1. sudo pear upgrade -c easybib or: sudo pear channel-update
  2. pear upgrade easybib/EasyBib_Form_Decorator

Form Decorator

See docs folder for a example form and controller usage of decorator stuff


A View Helper to print out fancy twitter bootstrap messages. Needs to be added to view helper path (see Installlation 4.)

Create new package Version

Package Rep (after source change)

  • change version in generate-package.php
  • php generate-package.php make
  • pear package
  • move created tgz archiv to pear rep

Pear Rep

  • pirum add . new_version.tgz
  • git add -A
  • git commit -a
  • git push origin gh-pages

Pear Upgrade (local/vagrant box)

  • sudo pear upgrade -c easybib
  • (sudo pear channel-update