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Support for inline help #21

shadypierre opened this Issue Apr 3, 2012 · 5 comments

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The twitter bootstrap documentation said :

To add help text for your form inputs, include inline help text with or a help text block with

after the input element.

That could be cool to add support for this feature.

ps : sorry for my english :)

EasyBib member
till commented Apr 5, 2012


no problem – would you mind starting a pull request? We could refine it as we go.



What do you think about adding Setter and Getter on the EasyBib_Form class to define the CSS help class, etc . And use him in the decorator to define what kind of CSS class use.

EasyBib member
till commented Apr 19, 2012

Yeah, that sounds good – we use defaults and allow people to override it.


In fact that not so easy. That require a complete rewrite of the decorator, for replace statics variables by functions in order to get the defined form options.
Do you see what i mean?


yes, I see… perhaps that would be a good idea for a more complex refactor work.
Don't like the statics vars anymore… its getting more and more and ugly :)

So, yes, like the idea. But will need some time to refactor all that stuff.
Not sure, when I will find the time to do this.

Any brainstorming or pushing forward is welcome!

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