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Easybots Apps Examples
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Easybots Apps - Examples

Here you can find examples of C# apps containing bots that integrate with the Easybots Studio & Platform

What is Easybots Studio?

Easybots Studio helps you automate anything in matter of minutes, as long as you have the right bots. If the bots you need are not in the Public App Store, you can code your own. Integrating your code to the Easybots platform usually takes 5-15 minutes. See How To Code My First Bot

Running the examples

In order to run the examples you will need to:

  • Have Easybots Studio & Platform Installed
  • Download 'Additional Licence' in Easybots Studio, and replace the contents of 'LicenceAdditional.cs' in the code
    • Easybots Studion: Develop and Manage Apps -> Get App Licence -> Get Additional Licence

Simplest Example

  1. Specify the name of the Easybots app
  2. Create link to the Easybots Platform
  3. Instantiate your bot
  • Easybots Licence file must also be included in the project
// 1. Specify the name of the Easybots app
[assembly: Easybots.Apps.EasybotsApp("My First App")]
namespace SimplestExample
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            // 2. Create link to the Easybots Platform

            // 3. Instantiate your bot 
            var myFirstBot = new MyFirstBot("My First Bot");                        

    class MyFirstBot : Easybots.Apps.Easybot
        // Specify the name of the bot
        public MyFirstBot(string botName) : base(botName)

        public string SayHelloWorld()
            return "Hello World";            

The result in Easybots Studio: alt text

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