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This file contains a description of the major changes to the easybuild-easyblocks EasyBuild package.
For more detailed information, please see the git log.
These release notes can also be consulted at
The latest version of easybuild-easyblocks provides 190 software-specific easyblocks and 31 generic easyblocks.
v3.5.1 (January 16th 2018)
bugfix/update release
- minor enhancements, including:
- auto-detect default build target for Clang (#1115)
- build GROMACS for target architecture based on --optarch (#1163)
- ensure correct $PYTHONPATH for recent OpenBabel versions (#1219)
- enhance Amber easyblock with support for OpenBLAS and better Intel MPI support (#1305)
- also support only installing AmberTools through Amber easyblock (#1305)
- also pick locations for CUPTI headers & libraries in CUDA easyblock (#1306)
- update patching out of sanitizer tests for recent Clang versions (>=5.0) (#1327)
- update known questions for Qt5 to support installing recent versions (#1328)
- update BamTools easyblock for v2.5.0 (#1332, #1337)
- disable libfox target if external module found in QuantumESPRESSO easyblock (#1333)
- add support for linking Octave with multi-threaded BLAS/LAPACK library (#1340)
- support install_target in PythonPackage + deprecate use_easy_install & use_setup_py_develop (#1341, #1342)
- various bug fixes, including:
- make RubyGem easyblock use $GEM_* environment variables except if as extension of Ruby itself (#1247)
- move initialisation in SystemCompiler & SystemMPI easyblocks to the prepare step (#1282)
- enable skipping sanitizer tests by default in Clang easyblock, they can't be relied on (#1329)
- fix quotes when using $ORIGIN in RPATH locations for DOLFIN (#1338)
- fix sanity check for shared libraries in Trilinos easyblock (#1339)
v3.5.0 (December 15th 2017)
feature release
- new software-specific easyblock for Bazel (#1286) and Octave (#1304)
- new generic easyblock for installing Octave packages as extensions (#1304, #1318)
- minor enhancements, including:
- remove foamExec & wdot from sanity checks, add blockMesh & checkMesh + enable logging for recent OpenFOAM versions (#1205, #1272)
- add exceptions for FFTW/3.3.6 on POWER with GCC 5/6/7 (#1274)
- add support for Spectrum MPI to the systemmpi easyblock (#1275)
- allow skipping of steps for Bundle components + fix issues with templates & formatting of error message (#1278)
- update HPCG easyblock for v3.0 by changing configure syntax (#1284)
- correctly configure for BLAS/LAPACK in R easyblock & check configure output (#1292, #1300)
- make R easyblock set configure options for dependencies (#1297, #1303)
- allow tuning of build command in PythonPackage via custom 'buildcmd' easyconfig parameter (#1299)
- set default Java encoding to utf8 when installing Trinity (#1302)
- also define $CUDA_ROOT in generated module for CUDA (#1234)
- make the ScaLAPACK easyblock capable of building in parallel (#1288, #1321, #1324)
- various bug fixes, including:
- avoid changing $CPATH, $LD_LIBRARY_PATH an $LIBRARY_PATH in generated modules for Intel Advisor, Inspector, and VTune (#1229)
- fix check for Intel MKL in PSI easyblock (#1273)
- fix missing space in fftw easyblock (#1277)
- fix use of FFTW on top of Intel MKL in CP2K easyblock (#1281)
- fix wrong sanity check for Boost when using Python 3.x (#1283)
- pick up per-component checksums in Bundle generic easyblock (#1285)
- correctly pass down optimization flags in CP2K easyblock (#1293)
v3.4.1 (October 17th 2017)
bugfix/update release
- add generic 'SystemMPI' easyblock (#1106, #1261, #1262)
- add software-specific easyblock for SAS (#1263)
- minor enhancements, including:
- run 'wcleanAll' or 'wcleanPlatform -all' before building OpenFOAM (#780, #1258)
- enhance generic 'SystemCompiler' easyblock (#1106)
- clean up --trace output for Python & Python packages (#1248)
- update Intel MPI easyblock to support 2018.* versions (#1253)
- add support for Intel MPI and Intel MKL to ScaLAPACK easyblock (#1255)
- enhance GCC easyblock to also put symlinks in place for cc/c++/f77/f95 commands (#1256)
- various bug fixes, including:
- allow that 'gcc -print-multiarch' fails in icc easyblock (#1249)
- fix prefix subdirectory for older versions of icc (in particular 2011.3.174) (#1250)
- use remove_file rather than os.remove in generic IntelBase easyblock to correctly deal with broken symlinks (#1251)
- fix sanity check for MXNet easyblock + correctly detect unpacked source directory (#1257)
- avoid building CP2K twice due to incorrect attempt at running 'make clean' first (#1266)
v3.4.0 (September 10th 2017)
feature release
- minor enhancements, including:
- update Siesta easyblock for versions 4.0.1 and 4.1-b3 (#1218)
- updates GAMESS-US easyblock for version 20170420R1 + move ddikick.x when ddi_comm is set to sockets (#1221)
- update MRtrix easyblock for 3.0 & beyond + use copy function (#1230)
- update ROOT easyblock to support recent versions that require using CMake, add sanity check, clean up/enhance make_module* (#1236)
- enhance icc easyblock to inlude multipath include dir in $CPATH (#1237, #1242)
- various bug fixes, including:
- use plumed-patch command rather than 'plumed patch' in GROMACS easyblock (#1212)
- remove 'provides' line from (#1217)
- fixed wrong use of build_type in self.cfg in WRF easyblock that resulted in an raised exception (#1220)
- added a call to super post_install_step in CUDA easyblock (#1226)
- fix $MCRROOT definition in generated module file under --module-only in MCR easyblock (#1228)
- fix permissions for directories in SuiteSparse (#1238)
- fix function signature for fetch_extension_sources in OCaml easyblock (#1240)
v3.3.1 (July 12th 2017)
bugfix/update release
- minor enhancements, including:
- enhance HDF5 easyblock: define $HDF5_DIR & include -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK in $CXXFLAGS (#1200)
- consistently pass down (named) arguments in prepare_step, and check for it in the tests (#1202)
- remove no longer supported VersionIndependentPythonPackage generic easyblock (#1202)
- update ABAQUS easyblock for recent versions, incl. support for installing hotfixes (#1203)
- get rid of references to 'hpcugent' organisation after move to (#1206)
- make Boost easyblock fully aware of (pre)configopts, (pre)buildopts and (pre)installopts (#1207)
- drop check for 'ipython' in sanity check of Anaconda easyblock, to also support Miniconda (#1210)
v3.3.0 (June 26th 2017)
feature release
- added easyblocks for MXNet (#1135), Tkinter(#1184)
- minor enhancements, including:
- enhance sanity check for NCL (#1169, #1179)
- enable building of shared FFTW libraries (#1180)
- include update statements for $CPATH and $*LIBRARY_PATH in generated module in numpy easyblock (#1183)
- stop using deprecated 'copytree' function from (#1185)
- update SAMtools easyblock for v0.1.17 (#1189)
- update MATLAB easyblock for 2016b & 2017a versions (adjust permissions and change dir) (#1182, #1197)
- consider $EB_*_LICENSE_SERVER(_PORT) in MATLAB and ANSYS easyblocks (#1195)
- add omp_num_threads custom parameter in CP2K easyblock to allow defining $OMP_NUM_THREADS during testing (#1196)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix Siesta easyblock to enable and verify parallel build (#1186)
- fix bug in alias definition in impi easyblock for mpigxx, mpiicpc and mpiifort (#1192)
v3.2.1 (May 12th 2017)
bugfix/update release
- added easyblock for Siesta (#1105)
- minor enhancements, including:
- enhance GROMACS easyblock to build with PLUMED support (#1121)
- enhance NAMD easyblock: add OpenMP support, update for recent NAMD versions (2.12), fix compatibility with Tcl versions other than 8.5 (#1173)
v3.2.0 (May 5th 2017)
feature release
- added easyblocks for Doris (#1154, #1161), VMD (#1148) and WRF-Fire (#1153, #1159)
- minor enhancements, including:
- update IntelBase, PGI and TotalView easyblocks to allow list of license files/servers via 'license_file' easyconfig parameter (#1129)
- update Bowtie2 easyblock to set correct build options, copy more files, extend sanity check (#1146)
- added the option to build Boost with multi-threading support (#1147)
- allow libpng as OS dependency for WPS (#1150)
- extend Boost TIME_UTC patch to Boost versions <= 1.49.0 (#1152)
- enhance Python sanity check to check for Tkinter support if Tk is included as a dependency (#1156, #1158)
- add support to install Python extensions without unpacking (#1166)
- enhance TBB easyblock to also support building open source versions (#1168)
- various bug fixes, including:
- update FFTW easyblock: --enable-avx-128-fma depends on the fma4 CPU feature (AMD), not fma (#1142)
- fix problems when usempi not defined in toolchain in NAMD easyblock (#1162)
v3.1.2 (March 20th 2017)
bugfix/update release
- add easyblock for QScintilla (#1127)
- minor enhancements, including:
- auto-disable quad precision on POWER and ARM in FFTW (#1102, #1138)
- allow "download install" for PETSc (#1114)
- modify Trinity sanity check for versions 2.3 and above (#1133)
- make unpacking Python extensions optional (#1134)
- update SAMtools easyblock for version 1.4 (#1139)
- various bug fixes, including:
- reduce number of environment variables in icc and ifort modules (#1126, #1143)
- also run tests with Tcl module syntax, Lua is the default in EasyBuild v3.x (#1128)
- rename member variable to avoid conflict with member of base class in PGI (#1137)
- don't set $FPATH environment variable in multiple easyblocks (#1140)
v3.1.1 (March 7th 2017)
bugfix/update release
- minor enhancements, including:
- change the sanity check for MCR 2016b since the directory structure has changed (#1096)
- update NWChem easyblock for version 6.6.x and to handle different versions of OpenMPI for older versions (#1104)
- allow per-component source_urls with templating in Bundle easyblock (#1108)
- add slib to $LD_LIBRARY_PATH for itac (#1112)
- consider both lib and lib64 in CGAL sanity check (#1113)
- add support for installing Intel tools that do not require license at installation time (#1117)
- required for Intel MPI and Intel MKL version 2017.2.174
- remove prefix_opt as custom easyconfig paramter for Qt easyblock (#1120)
- various bug fixes, including:
- use '-prefix <path>' rather than '--prefix=<path>' for configure in Qt (#1109)
- fix indentation problem in PETSc easyblock (#1111)
v3.1.0 (February 3rd 2017)
feature release
- new easyblock for FFTW (#1083)
- various enhancements, including:
- update sanity check for flex 2.6.3, no more libfl_pic.a library (#1077)
- cleanup build before proceeding with full Boost (#1080)
- update CP2K easyblock: copy data dir, support version 4.1, support ELPA, fix psmp build with foss toolchain (#996, #1020, #1043, #1084)
- add sanity check support for OpenSSL 1.1 (#1087)
- support the latest changes in Inspector 2017 (#1047)
- update NEURON easyblock to support the lack of hoc_ed in 7.4 (#987)
- add support for WPS 3.8 (#1079)
- also consider setuptools in EasyBuildMeta easyblock (#1093)
- various bug fixes, including:
- (correctly) define $ROSETTA3_DB in Rosetta easyblock (#1092)
v3.0.2 (December 22nd 2016)
bugfix release
- various enhancements, including:
- enhance DL_POLY_Classic easyblock to support building with Plumed support (REVIEW) (#829)
- make the Allinea easyblock search for the templates in the easyconfig paths (#1025)
- make FortranPythonPackage aware of (pre)buildopts (#1065)
- update sanity check for Mono to support recent versions (#1069)
- fix Eigen sanity check for latest version 3.3.1 (#1074)
- various bug fixes, including:
- skip RPATH sanity check for binary installations (#1056)
- pass CXXFLAGS and LDFLAGS to Boost bjam (#1064)
- make pip ignore already installed versions of the package being installed (#1066)
- don't pass empty string as custom installopts for numpy in test_step (#1067)
- make the Rosetta EasyBlock work in --module-only mode (#1073)
v3.0.1 (November 30th 2016)
bugfix release
- various enhancements, including:
- update SAMtools easyblock for recent versions (#1048)
- various bugfixes, including:
- fix QuantumESPRESSO easyblock to handle gipaw correctly (#1041)
- always specify name of serial Fortran compiler to ALADIN, it already knows to use MPI wrapper commands (#1050)
v3.0.0 (November 16th 2016)
feature release
- backwards incompatible changes:
- remove deprecated GenomeAnalysisTK/GATK easyblock (#1001)
- remove deprecated 'get_netcdf_module_set_cmds' function from netCDF easyblock (#1015)
- remove deprecated 'get_blas_lib' function from LAPACK easyblock (#1016)
- remove QLogicMPI easyblock (#1023)
- new easyblock for installing Anaconda (#950)
- add generic easyblock for Conda installations (#950)
- various enhancements, including:
- enable use of GCCcore as toolchain for Clang, fail if no GCC prefix is found (#1002)
- also build Boost MPI library in parallel (#1005, #1038)
- enhance g2clib easyblock to allow to install 1.6.0 or higher (#1006)
- update QuantumESPRESSO easyblock to support packaging changes in 6.0 (#1007)
- add support to Scons generic easyblock to provide argument to specify installation prefix (#1008)
- update IntelBase and imkl easyblocks to handle the 2017 versions of compilers/imkl (#1012)
- leverage toolchain.linalg functionality in ScaLAPACK easyblock, use copy_file (#1014)
- allow netCDF-C++4 to be used with ESMF (#1019)
- update Advisor easyblock to support latest versions (#1021)
- update CBLAS easyblock to build with foss toolchain (#1024)
- update Gurobi easyblock to use copy_file (#1028)
- add support for giving /lib preference over /lib64 & co in GCC installation (#1030, #1035)
- enable installation of libiberty by default for binutils (#1030)
- avoid CMake fiddling with the RPATHs injected by EasyBuild via --rpath in CMakeMake and METIS easyblocks (#1031, #1034)
- simplify scipy sanity check to make it more robust w.r.t. version updates (#1037)
- various bug fixes, including:
- make sure 'None' doesn't appear in modules generated with --module-only (#998)
- fix ATLAS easyblock for non-x86 systems (#1003)
- fix 'usempi' and 'with_mpi' usage to allow for a serial build of Amber 16 (#1013)
- add both lib/python2.7/site-packages/{,wx-3.0-gtk2} to $PYTHONPATH for wxPython (#1018)
- only hard inject RPATH for /usr/lib* directories when building binutils with dummy toolchain (#1026)
- make HDF5 easyblock handle --filter-deps correctly (#1027)
- update Travis config w.r.t. changes framework config defaults and required Lmod version (#1029)
- be more patient when running Mathematica Q&A installer (#1036)
v2.9.0 (September 23rd 2016)
feature release
- new easyblocks for 6 software packages that require customized support:
cppcheck (#983), HEALPix (#982), IMOD (#847), IronPython (#321), Mono (#321), MyMediaLite (#321)
- various enhancements, including:
- extend OpenFoam-Extend sanity check for decomp libaries (#784)
- enhance Java easyblock to support installing Java 6.x (#940)
- make QuantumESPRESSO easyblock aware of multithreaded FFT (#954)
- extend PSI easyblock to use PCMSolver and CheMPS2 (#967)
- make Boost easyblock add definition for $BOOST_ROOT to generated module file (#976)
- add support to Bundle easyblock to install list of components (#980)
- enhance & clean up libxml2 easyblock to also enable installing without Python bindings (#984)
- update Libint easyblock for Libint 2.1.x (#985)
- update sanity check for OpenFOAM to support OpenFOAM 4.x (#986)
- make easyblocks that run MPI tests aware of 'mpi_tests' build option (#993)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix compatibility of OpenFOAM easyblock with --module-only (#784)
- fix testing of --module-only compatibility for OpenFOAM and IMOD easyblocks (#784)
- add 'include/libxml2' to $CPATH in libxml2 easyblock (#981)
- fix compatiblity of IntelBase generic easyblock with --module-only (#994)
- make sure correct config script is used for Tcl/Tk deps of R (#995)
v2.8.2 (July 13th 2016)
bugfix release
- new easyblocks for 5 software packages that require customized support:
Amber (#958), Extrae (#955), Gurobi (#962), Paraver (#956), Tau (#887)
- various enhancements, including:
- add support for building & installing old GROMACS versions (#569, #960)
- add support for building Boost with Cray toolchain (#849)
- libxsmm support for CP2K (#942)
- pick up specified components for imkl (#943)
- add support for building GROMACS with double precision (#946, #960)
- add support for building GROMACS with CUDA support and using dynamic libraries using Craytoolchains (#951, #960)
- also install vsc-install in EasyBuildMeta easyblock, if tarball is provided (#957)
- enhance PSI easyblock to support PSI4 1.0 (#965)
- various bug fixes, including:
- also install scripts with MRtrix 0.3.14 (#941)
- enhance Qt easyblock to support Qt3 (#944)
- create 'release' symlink in MRtrix install dir (#947)
- fix make_installdir in Inspector & VTune easyblocks (#952)
- make Binary and MakeCp easyblocks aware of 'keepsymlinks' (#959)
- correctly define $G4* environment variables in Geant4 easyblock (#961, #970)
- prepend tmp install path to $PYTHONPATH in numpy test step, move to build dir when removing 'numpy' subdir (#963)
- correct full path to ALADIN config file & patch it to use right Fortran compiler flags (#964)
- ensure correct compiler command/flags are used for SAMtools (#966)
v2.8.1 (May 30th 2016)
- various enhancements, including:
- update MRtrix easyblock for version 0.3.14 (#932)
- update Inspector easyblock for recent versions (#934)
- update VTune easyblock for recent versions (#935)
- add debug message to IntelBase easyblock w.r.t. switching to 'exist_lic' (#936)
v2.8.0 (May 18th 2016)
feature + bugfix release
- add test configuration for Travis (#895, #897, #900, #926)
- new easyblocks for 4 software packages that require customized support:
- binutils (#907), libQGLViewer (#890), SuperLU (#860), wxPython (#883)
- various other enhancements, including:
- update SuiteSparse easyblock for version >= 4.5 (#863)
- enhance imkl easyblock to install on top of PGI (#866, #916)
- enable runtime logging of install cmd in IntelBase (#874)
- enhance Qt easyblock to support installing with dummy toolchain (#881)
- delete libnuma symbolic links in PGI installation directory (#888)
- enhance PDT easyblock to support installing with dummy toolchain (#894)
- add support for building Clang with OpenMP support (#898)
- update Score-P easyblock for additional compilers, MPI libraries & dependencies (#889)
- drop deprecated 'testrb' from sanity check in Ruby easyblock (#901)
- enhance WRF easyblock to support versions >= 3.7 (#902)
- update QuantumESPRESSO easyblock for version 5.3.0 (#904)
- add support in PythonPackage easyblock to use ' develop' (#905)
- update Qt easyblock for Qt 5.6.0 (#908)
- extend bzip2 easyblock to also build dynamic libraries (#910)
- make threading an explicit option rather than relying on MPI library in SCOTCH easyblock (#914)
- update PGI easyblock to install siterc file so PGI picks up $LIBRARY_PATH (#919)
- enhance sanity check paths for compiler commands in PGI easyblock (#919)
- also filter out -ldl from $LIBBLAS & co for Intel MKL in numpy easyblock (#920)
- define $MIC_LD_LIBRARY_PATH for impi (#925)
- various bug fixes, including:
- don't hardcode Python version in test_make_module_pythonpackage (#876)
- make PythonPackage easyblock compatible with --module-only (#884, #906)
- remove check whether 'easybuild' is being imported from dir that contains easybuild/ (#891)
- fix passing compiler configure option in PDT easyblock (#894)
- fix bug in Score-P easyblock w.r.t. --with-libbfd (#889)
- fix extension filter for Ruby (#901)
- fix ACTIVATION_TYPES list in IntelBase + minor style change (#913)
- correctly define $MIC_LD_LIBRARY_PATH in imkl 11.3.x and newer (#915)
- fix broken link to VSC website in license headers (#927)
v2.7.0 (March 20th 2016)
feature + bugfix release
- new easyblocks for 6 software packages that require customized support:
ADF (#826), MPICH (#844, #852, #868), mutil (#859), pplacer (#835), psmpi (#852), SNPhylo (#865)
- various other enhancements, including:
- implement support for 'use_pip' in PythonPackage easyblock (#719, #831)
- add support in CUDA easyblock to install wrappers for host compilers (#758)
- update sanity check for picard version 1.124 and above (#796)
- use 'module swap' for all components in CrayToolchain (#823)
- update PSI4 easyblock to cope with changed name of PSI4 data dir (#824)
- use find_flexlm_license function and avoid defining $CPATH in PGI easyblock (#837)
- use find_flexlm_license function in IntelBase generic easyblock (#839)
- add unit test to check module file generated by PythonPackage easyblock (#841)
- rework MVAPICH2 easyblock on top of new MPICH easyblock (#844)
- add CUDA support in CP2K easyblock (#850)
- also define $LD in buildopts for GATE (#855)
- use find_flexlm_license function in TotalView easyblock (#839)
- enhance MakeCp easyblock to also support renaming of files while copying them (#859)
- hunt for usable 'python' command in PythonPackage easyblock when system Python is used (#861)
- add sanity check in easybuild/ w.r.t. current working dir (#869)
- change suffix of original file to .easybuild when using fileinput in impi easyblock (#870)
- various bug fixes, including:
- make sure Python unicode settings match that of the system Python (#817)
- remove FFTW related statements in HPL easyblock, since HPL doesn't require FFTW at all (#822)
- use pkg_resources.declare_namespace rather than pkgutil.extend_path to declare 'easybuild' namespaces (#827)
- fix license headers: Hercules foundation is now FWO (#836)
- fix check for non-empty lib dirs in PythonPackage easyblock (#840)
- consider all Python lib dirs in sanity check for libxml2 (#842)
- correctly handle deprecated configure options (--with-hwloc/--enable-mpe) in MVAPICH2 easyblock (#853)
- use correct configure option for checkpoint/restart in MVAPICH2 easyblock (#854)
- ensure list of Python lib dirs always has a 'lib/...' entry (#858)
- check whether rpm/rpmrebuild commands are available using 'which', rather than checking for OS deps (#864)
- fix test_step in UFC easyblock (#872)
v2.6.0 (January 26th 2016)
feature + bugfix release
- add generic easyblock for Cray toolchains (#766)
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
EggLib (#811), PGI (#658)
- various other enhancements, including:
- update BamTools easyblock for versions 2.3.x and newer: some shared libraries are now static) (#785)
- don't hardcode .so, use get_shared_lib_ext instead (#789, #790, #791, #793, #794, #803, #815)
- enhance CPLEX easyblock by adding more subdirs to $PATH, define $LD_LIBRARY and $CPLEXDIR (#797)
- make sanity check for netcdf4-python work with both egg and non-egg installs (#799)
- update sanity check in PETSc/SLEPc easyblocks for v3.6.x (#800)
- update Trinity easyblock for 2.x versions (#802)
- update DOLFIN easyblock for v1.6.0 (#804)
- check for libkokkoscore.a rather than libkokkos.a for Trilinos 12.x (#805)
- add an option to skip the sanitizer tests of Clang (#806)
- update Molpro easyblock to support binary installs and 2015 version (#807)
- make ConfigureMake more robust w.r.t. custom easyconfig parameters (#810)
- various bug fixes, including:
- add back support for Eigen 2.x in Eigen easyblock (#798)
- fix for vsc-base being picked up from OS in EasyBuildMeta easyblock (#813)
- remove setuptools.pth if it includes absolute paths after installing EasyBuild (#813)
v2.5.0 (December 17th 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- update easyblocks for Intel tools to support 2016 versions (#691, #745, #756, #777)
- IntelBase easyblock has been enhanced to support specifying which components to install
- new easyblocks for 3 software packages that require customized support:
Intel Advisor (#767), DIRAC (#778), MRtrix (#772)
- various other enhancements, including:
- update numpy and SuiteSparse easyblock to use scikit-umfpack (#718)
- add an option to allow removal of the -Dusethreads flag in Perl easyblock (#724)
- update Doxygen easyblock for 1.10.x (CMake) (#734)
- update sanity check in Qt easyblock for Qt 5.x (#740)
- add support for multilib build of GCC on PowerPC (#741)
- add support to OpenFOAM and SCOTCH easyblocks to support 64-bit integers, via 'i8' toolchain option (#744)
- fix sanity check to support numpy 1.10 (dropped (#757, #761, #762)
- update IPP easyblock for v9.x (#759)
- cleaner output for PythonPackage under dry run, make numpy easyblock dry-run aware (#760, #671)
- add support for using netCDF-Fortran as dependency in ALADIN easyblock (#764)
- add support for tbb 4.4.x in tbb easyblock (#769)
- add support for specifying altroot/altversion in Bundle easyblock (#773)
- update OpenFOAM easyblock for OpenFOAM-Extend 3.2 + use apply_regex_substitutions (#770)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix module path extension of system compiler in HMNS setup (#742)
- only restore $PYTHONPATH if it was defined in EasyBuildMeta easyblock (#743)
- make sure $PYTHONPATH is defined correctly in module file for Python packages created with --module-only (#748)
- fix WRF easyblock to produce correct module under --module-only --force (#746, #752)
- don't hardcode 'openPBS' in GATE easyblock, use value for default_platform easyconfig parameter (#753)
- avoid adding lib subdirs to $*LIBRARY_PATH if no libraries are there in PythonPackage easyblock (#755)
- fix installing Python bindings for libxml2 to correct installation prefix (#765)
v2.4.0 (November 10th 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- 3 new generic easyblocks: OCamlPackage (#467), SCons (#689, #700), Waf (#722)
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
OCaml (#467), Samcef (#678)
- various other enhancements, including:
- add support for installing OpenFOAM with external METIS, CGAL and Paraview (#497)
- update netCDF easyblock updated for netCDF v4.3.3.1 (#674)
- update Rosetta easyblock for recent Rosetta versions (#677)
- make unpacked source dir detection in easyblock for VSC-tools a little bit more flexible (#679)
- add support for building with Plumed support enabled in CP2K easyblock (#681)
- update Go easyblock for Go v1.5 (#683)
- use apply_regex_substitutions function in WRF easyblock (#685)
- update MUMPS easyblock for 5.x (#686)
- implement runtime patching of $WM_* and compiler variables for OpenFOAM (#688)
- specify sequential compiler to use in compiler command that gets injected in OpenFOAM easyblock (#692)
- make PythonPackage and WRF easyblocks dry-run aware (#696)
- see also
- add support in PythonPackage for installing with easy_install + installing zipped eggs (#698, #711, #715)
- update Bowtie easyblock for recent Bowtie versions (#707)
- update CUDA easyblock for CUDA 7.x(#708)
- also consider config/ for want in QuantumESRESSO easyblock (#714)
- define $NWCHEM_LONG_PATH if needed in NWChem easyblock (#720)
- remove custom post-install step in PDT easyblock (#723)
- no longer needed now that adjust_permissions functions ignores symlinks
- use $LIBS in HPL easyblock (#727, #736)
- various bug fixes, including:
- also define $MCRROOT for MCR in module (#687)
- add missing super call in configure_step of easyblock for python-meep (#694)
- only prepend existing non-empty paths to $PYTHONPATH in PythonPackage easyblock (#697)
- fix extra_options definition in CMakePythonPackage easyblock (#698)
- fix dev version to follow PEP-440, as required by recent setuptools versions (#702, #703, #704)
- required to avoid that setuptools transforms the version itself
- see also
- consider both lib and lib64 in sanity check paths for flex (#705)
- also copy signature file and don't copy CMake files in Eigen easyblock (#709)
- fix directory names in make_module_req_guess of ANSYS easyblock (#713)
- fix imports for set_tmpdir in easyblock unit tests after function was moved in EasyBuild framework (#726)
- use --with-tcltk* configure options for Python to point to ensure Tcl/Tk deps are picked up (#729)
- fix order of subdirs for QuantumESPRESSO binaries (#730)
- correctly handle having both $FC(FLAGS) and $F90(FLAGS) defined when building MVAPICH2 (#732)
- fix OpenSSL sanity check paths: lib/engines is a directory (#731, #733)
- fix sanity check paths for netcdf-python (#735)
v2.3.0 (September 2nd 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
MCR (#623), Molpro (#665)
- various other enhancements, including:
- enhance BWA easyblock to also install man pages (#650)
- enhance tbb easyblock to consider lib dirs in order and also define $CPATH, $LIBRARY_PATH, $TBBROOT (#653, #654)
- call PythonPackage.configure_step in ConfigureMakePythonPackage.configure_step (#668)
- add 'foldx3b6' as possible binary name in FoldX easyblock (#671)
- enhance/cleanup MATLAB easyblock (#672)
- move preparing of 'intel' subdir in $HOME to configure_step in IntelBase easyblock (#673)
- various bug fixes, including:
- add missing super call in post_install_step of imkl easyblock (#648, #660)
- fix regex used to correct I_MPI_ROOT in impi scripts (#662)
- fix regex used to patch .mk file in configure step of SuiteSparse easyblock (#666)
- correctly specify installation prefix via $GEM_HOME in RubyGem easyblock (#667)
- add custom sanity check in scipy easyblock (#669)
- specify to always use the bfd linker for OpenFOAM, to stay away from using (#670)
v2.2.0 (July 15th 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- modified easybuild.easyblocks package declaration to support giving preference to custom easyblocks (#617)
- 3 new generic easyblocks: BuildEnv (#583), RubyGem (#565), SystemCompiler (#633)
- new easyblocks for 5 software packages that require customized support:
- NEMO (#564), pbdMPI (#612, #620), pbdSLAP (#620), PDT (#624), Ruby (#565)
- various other enhancements, including:
- update CUDA easyblock for v6.x (#476)
- make METIS easyblock take into account configopts (#494)
- enable building of EOMIP and EOMEA for NWChem versions 6.5 and up (#508)
- make out-of-source build with CMake truly out-of-source (#615)
- add support in Bundle easyblock to run full sanity check (#627)
- also take platform-specific Python lib dirs into account in PythonPackage easyblock (#628)
- fix mpivars scripts in Intel MPI installation for versions where the installation is moved (#629)
- don't restrict det_pylibdir function to only EasyBuild-provided Python (#631, #641)
- support snappy and other optional native libs in Hadoop easyblock (#632, #638, #640, #642)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix Xmipp easyblock, use provided script (#630)
- update Clang easyblock to disable tests that may fail when unlimited stack size is used (#622)
- fix setting of $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE for port@server values (#635)
v2.1.1 (May 18th 2015)
bugfix release
- fix compatibility of easyblocks with --module-only + dedicated unit test module (#610)
- minor enhancements, including:
- update GROMACS easyblock for version 5 (#513)
- various other bug fixes, including:
- only check compiler being used if FFTW interfaces are being built in Intel MKL easyblock (#606)
v2.1.0 (April 30th 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- replace 'log.error' with 'raise EasyBuildError' in all easyblocks (#588)
- one new generic easyblock: ConfigureMakePythonPackage (#540)
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
- TINKER (#578), Xmipp (#581)
- various other enhancements, including:
- enhance WIEN2k easyblock for recent versions + cleanup (#486)
- define $PYTHONNOUSERSITE in PythonPackage easyblock so user-installed packages are not picked up (#577)
- add support in CP2K easyblock for building on top of MPICH/MPICH2 (#579)
- enhance Hadoop easyblock to support parallel builds (#580)
- drop -noroot for recent FLUENT versions, honor installopts, enable -debug (#582)
- include prebuildopts in build command for Python packages (#585)
- also install rosetta_tools subdirectory for Rosetta (#586)
- update SLEPc easyblock for v3.5 + style cleanup (#593)
- minor fix in HPL easyblock w.r.t. checking defined environment variables (#595)
- tweak CP2K easyblock w.r.t. LAPACK/FFTW support (#596)
- minor update to GCC easyblock to support GCC v5.x (#598)
- update sanity check in R easyblock for version 3.2.0 (#602)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix Score-P easyblock for compiler-only toolchains, include Qt as optional dependency (#552)
- fix definition of $MKLROOT, should be set to 'mkl' subdir of install dir (#576)
- add -libmpichf90 to list of MPI libraries in NWChem easyblock (#584)
- stop using $root to make easyblocks compatible with module files in Lua syntax (#590)
- also set $PYTHONPATH before installing Python package in temporary directory in test_step (#591)
- unset buildopts/installopts before installing Python extensions in Python easyblock (#597)
- allow not including vsc-base sources when installing EasyBuild (gets installed with easybuild-framework) (#600)
- use self.initial_environ rather than self.orig_environ in EasyBuildMeta easyblock (#600)
- make GCC easyblock compatible with --module-only by setting default value for self.platform_lib in constructor (#603)
v2.0.0 (March 6th 2015)
feature + bugfix release
- one new generic easyblock for installing a bundle of modules: Bundle (#550)
- and let the Toolchain generic easyblock derive from Bundle
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
- GAMESS-US (#470, #544, #558), Hadoop (#563)
- various other enhancements, including:
- move support for staged_install from CPLEX easyblock to generic Binary easyblock (#502)
- fix sanity check in picard easyblock for v1.119 that doesn't include sam.jar (#522)
- log warning message when unlinking jellyfish symlink fails in Trinity easyblock (#534)
- revamp EB_libint2 easyblock into EB_Libint that works for both Libint v1x and v2.x (#536)
- update CP2K easyblock for recent versions (no more 'fes') (#537)
- update SuiteSparse easyblock for recent versions (#541)
- fix easyblock unit tests after dropping support for deprecated behaviour in framework (#543)
- rework PSI easyblock to support future releases (#545)
- enable always generating a 'verbose' Makefile in the generic CMakeMake easyblock (#546)
- remove functionality in (generic) easyblocks that was deprecated for EasyBuild v2.0 (#547)
- enhance generic RPackage easyblock to support installing extensions in a separate prefix (#551)
- deprecate GenomeAnalysisTK easyblock, since it's basically equivalent to Tarball (#557)
- update SAMtools easyblock for v1.2 (#562)
- take preconfigopts easyconfig parameter into account in ROOT easyblock (#566)
- update easyblock for installing EasyBuild
- to support bootstrapping with provided source tarballs (#559)
- to also cover vsc-base dependency, and verify easy-install.pth (#567)
- update disabling sanitizer tests for Clang 3.6 (#570)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix handling of LTO in GCC easyblock (#535)
- relocate FDTD RPM to fix installation on SL6 (#538)
v1.16.2 (March 6th 2015)
- make EB_EasyBuildMeta easyblock aware of vsc-base to make upgrading to EasyBuild v2.0.0 possible (#573)
v1.16.1 (December 19th 2014)
- fix EasyBuild versions for which $EASYBUILD_DEPRECATED=1.0 is set in EasyBuild sanity check (#531)
v1.16.0 (December 18th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- new easyblocks for 2 software packages that require customized support:
- Chimera (#524), GATE (#518)
- fix use of deprecated functionality, enhance unit tests to check for it (#523)
- various other enhancements, including:
- update PETSc easyblock for recent versions (v3.5) (#446)
- only include major/minor version numbers for FLUENT subdir (#480)
- factor out ‘move after install’ code from impi easyblock to IntelBase, use it for itac (#487)
- support custom easyconfig parameters in EB_impi easyblock to correct behavior of MPI wrapper commands (#493)
- consider both lib and lib64 in sanity check for GROMACS (#501)
- take preinstallopts and installopts into account in Binary easyblock (#503)
- add sanity check command abaqus information=all for ABAQUS (#504)
- update and clean up README, refer to documentation (#505, #516)
- rename deprecated self.moduleGenerator to self.module_generator (#506)
- see also easybuild-framework#1088
- check whether specified type value is a known value (psmp or popt) in CP2K easyblock (#509)
- add support to SAMtools easyblock for installing recent versions (v1.x) (#512)
- fix version check + sanity check in Geant4 easyblock + style fixes (#517)
- added $root/modlib to $PYTHONPATH guesses in Modeller easyblock (#525)
- mark license custom easyconfig parameter as deprecated in IntelBase (#527)
- various bug fixes, including:
- fix Libxc version check in CP2K easyblock (#478)
- correctly specify mkl_libs when building numpy with GCC and imkl (#485)
- extend noqa for OpenFOAM-Extend in build_step (#488, #520)
- correctly set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH, $LIBRARY_PATH and $PKG_CONFIG_PATH for R (#495)
- fix default value for files_to_copy in MakeCp easyblock (#500)
- treat MPICH MPI family as MPICH v3.x instead of MPICH v1.x (#519)
- see also easybuild-framework#1112
- fix affiliation/mail address for Fotis in headers (#521)
- clean up in extra_options methods, avoid casting return value to dict or returning via parent (#528)
v1.15.2 (October 7th 2014)
bugfix release
- only disable sanitizer tests for recent Clang versions (#481, #482)
- pass down installopts to CUDA install command (#483)
v1.15.1 (September 23rd 2014)
(no changes compared to v1.15.0, simple version bump to stay in sync with easybuild-framework)
v1.15.0 (September 12th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 2 new software packages that require customized support: Modeller (#392), NAMD (#397)
- various enhancements, including:
- fix locale used for running Perl unit tests (#425)
- fix Rmpi easyblock to correctly configure for Intel MPI (#435)
- add support in generic Rpackage easyblock for handling patches (#435)
- enhance OpenFOAM easyblock: fix building MPI build of Pstream and (pt)scotchDecomp + overall cleanup (#436)
- enhance NWChem easyblock for version 6.3, clean up running of test cases (#441)
- enhance noqa for interactive configuration of Qt build procedure (#447)
- add custom sanity check for R in easyblock (#449)
- make perlmodule take into account (pre){config,build,install}opts (#450)
- add support for specifying an activation key after installing Mathematica (#452)
- consider both lib and lib64 directories in netCDF sanity check (#453)
- fix sanity check for ANSYS for v15.0.x (#458)
- fix Trilinos easyblock for recent version (#462)
- enhance impi easyblock to handle install subdir for impi v5.0.1 and future version (#465, #472)
- include $CFLAGS in linker flags for HPL (#466)
- update sanity test checks for GROMACS 5.x (#471)
- various bug fixes:
- fix building of FFTW wrappers for Intel MKL v11.1.x + cleanup of imkl easyblock (#445)
v1.14.0 (July 9th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- added one new generic easyblock: CmdCp (#395)
- added support for 2 new software packages that require customized support: ANSYS (#398), HPCG (#408)
- various enhancements, including:
- updated ABAQUS easyblock so that it works for version 13.2 (#406)
- enhance BLAT easyblock by using super's build_step and prebuildopts/buildopts (#423)
- enhance Mothur easyblock to guess correct start dir for recent versions (#424)
- replace use of deprecated (pre)makeopts with (pre)buildopts in all easyblocks (#427)
- fix poor mans version of toolchain compiler detection in imkl easyblock (#429)
- various bug fixes:
- only check for idb for older versions of icc (#426)
- fix issues with installing RPMS when rpmrebuild is required (#433)
- correctly disable parallel build for ATLAS (#434)
- fix sanity check for Intel MPI v5.x (only provides bin64) (#432)
- add MIC_LD_LIBRARY_PATH for MKL v11.x (#437)
v1.13.0 (May 29th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 1 new software package that requires customized support: Go (#417)
- various enhancements, including:
- enhance OpenFOAM easyblock so OpenFOAM-Extend fork can be built too + style fixes (#253, #416)
- enhance CPLEX easyblock by adding support for staged installation (#372)
- include support for configure_cmd_prefix easyconfig parameter in ConfigureMake generic easyblock (#393)
- enhance GCC easyblock for building v4.9.0 and versions prior to v4.5 (#396, #400)
- enhance easyblocks for Intel ipp and itac to support recent versions (#399)
- enhance Clang easyblock: install static analyzer (#402), be more robust against changing source dir names (#413)
- enhance FoldX easyblock, update list of potential FoldX binaries to support recent versions (#407)
- add runtime patching in Boost easyblock to fix build issue with old Boost versions and recent glibc (> 2.15) (#412)
- enhance MakeCp generic easyblock: use location of 1st unpacked source as fallback base dir for files_to_copy (#415)
- various bug fixes:
- fix installing Mathematica when X forwarding is enabled (make sure $DISPLAY is unset) (#391)
- fix permissions of installed files in SAMtools easyblock, ensure read/execute for group/other (#409)
- fix implementation of det_pylibdir function in PythonPackage generic easyblock (#419, #420)
- determine Python lib dir via distutils Python, which works cross-OS (as opposed to hardcoding 'lib')
v1.12.1 (April 25th 2014)
(no changes compared to v1.12.0, simple version bump to stay in sync with easybuild-framework)
v1.12.0 (April 4th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- various enhancements, including:
- also run 'Perl Build build' for Perl modules (usually not required, but sometimes it is) (#380)
- added glob support in generic makecp block (#367, #384)
- enhance sanity check in GCC easyblock such that it also passes/works on OpenSuSE (#365)
- add multilib support in GCC easyblock (#379)
- various bug fixes:
- Clang: disable sanitizer tests when vmem limit is set (#366)
- make sure all libraries are installed for recent Intel MKL versions (#375)
- fix appending Intel MPI include directories to $CPATH (#371)
- statically link readline/ncurses libraries in Python and NWChem easyblocks (#370, #383, #385)
- fix easyblock unit tests after changes in framework (#376, #377, #378)
v1.11.1 (February 28th 2014)
(no changes compared to v1.11.0, simple version bump to stay in sync with easybuild-framework)
v1.11.0 (February 16th 2014)
feature + bugfix release
- added one new generic easyblock: VSCPythonPackage (#348)
- added support for 1 new software package that requires customized support: netcdf4-python (#347)
- various enhancements, including:
- add support for installing recent tbb versions (#341)
- use makeopts in the build step of the generic PythonPackage easyblock (#352)
- define the $CMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and $CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH in the generic CMakeMake easyblock (#351, #360)
- update Clang easyblock to support v3.4 (#346)
- make sure Python is built with SSL support, adjust Python easyblock to pick up OpenSSL dep (#359)
- note: providing OpenSSL via an OS package is still recommended, such that security updates are picked up
- add support for recent netCDF versions (#347)
- update SuiteSparse easyblock for new versions, and clean it up a bit (#350)
- various bug fixes:
- fix name of VersionIndependentPythonPackage easyblock, deprecate VersionIndependendPythonPackage easyblock (#348)
- fix detection of machine architecture in FSL easyblock (#353)
- fix bug in NWChem easyblock w.r.t. creating local dummy .nwchem file (#360)
- make sure $LIBRARY_PATH is set for Intel compilers and Intel MPI, fix 64-bit specific paths (#360)
v1.10.0 (December 24th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added one new generic easyblock: VersionIndependendPythonPackage (#329, #334)
- added support for 2 new software packages that require customized support:
- Charmm (#318), GROMACS (#335, #339)
- various enhancements, including:
- fix support for recent SAMtools version (>= 0.1.19) (#320)
- fix support for recent Intel tools (icc, ifort, imkl, impi) (#325, #327, #338)
- enhance generic easyblock for installing RPMs (#332)
- pick up 'preinstallopts' in generic PythonPackage easyblock (#334)
- enhance CP2K easyblock (libxc support, new versions) + style cleanup (#336)
- various bug fixes:
- use unwanted env var functionality to unset MKLROOT rather than failing with an error (#273)
- always include -w flag for preprocessor to supress warnings that may break QuantumESPRESSO configure (#317)
- link with multithreaded LAPACK libs for ESMF (#319)
- extend noqanda list of patterns in CUDA easyblock (#328, #337)
- add "import _ctypes" to Python sanity check commands to capture a common build issue (#329)
- bug fixes in generic IntelBase easyblock (#331, #333, #335)
- remove broken symlink $HOME/intel if present
- fix use of gettempdir to obtain a common (user-specific) tmp dir to symlink $HOME/intel to
- fix build of recent scipy versions with GCC-based toolchain (#334)
- fix use of gettempdir to obtain common (user-specific) tmp dir for $HOME/.nwchemrc symlink (#340, #342)
- extend noqanda list in Qt easyblock (#342)
v1.9.0 (November 17th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 8 new software packages that require customized support:
- Allinea DDT/MAP (#279), ARB (#291), GenomeAnalysisTK (#278), OpenBabel (#305, #309), picard (#278),
PyQuante (#297), Scalasca v1.x (#304), Score-P (#304)
- the Score-P easyblock is also used for Cube 4.x, LWM2, OTF2, and Scalasca v2.x
- various enhancements, including:
- add support building ScaLAPACK on top of MPICH2, required for gmpolf toolchain (#274)
- add support to ConfigureMake easyblock to customize configure --prefix option (#287)
- add support for specifying install command in Binary easyblock (#288)
- enhance CMakeMake easyblock to specify srcdir via easyconfig parameter, and to perform out-of-source builds (#303)
- various bug fixes:
- use correct configure flag for Szip in HDF5 easyblocks, should be --with-szlib (#286, #301)
- add support for serial HDF5 builds (#290, #301)
- enhance robustness of Qt easyblock w.r.t. interactive configure (#295, #302)
- enhance support for picking up license specification via environment variables (#298, #307)
- extend list of values for $CPATH in libint2 easyblock (#300)
- fix extra_options 'super' call in Clang easyblock (#306)
- add support in Boost easyblock to specify toolset in easyconfig file (#308)
- other:
- add build status badges for master/develop branches to README (#289)
v1.8.2 (October 18th 2013)
bugfix release
- fix installing of EasyBuild with a loaded EasyBuild module (#280)
- this is important to make upgrading to the latest EasyBuild version possible with a bootstrapped EasyBuild
v1.8.1 (October 14th 2013)
bugfix release
- various bug fixes:
- fix problems in PSI easyblock causing build to fail (#270)
- fix issues with running NWChem test cases, fail early in case broken symlink is present (#275)
v1.8.0 (October 4th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added one new generic easyblock: BinariesTarball (#255)
- added support for 5 new software packages that require customized support:
- DB (#226), FDTD Solutions (#239), FoldX (#256), Mathematica (#240), MUMPS (#262)
- various enhancements, including:
- support optionally running configure in generic MakeCp easyblock (#252)
- enhanced Clang easyblock to support building Clang 3.3 (#248)
- add support for $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE specifying multiple paths (#251)
- enhanced ATLAS easyblock to support building ATLAS 3.10.1 (#258)
- various bug fixes:
- add zlib lib dir in link path dirs for WPS (#249)
- stop using deprecated add_module function in imkl easyblock (#250)
- fixed PSI easyblock w.r.t. support for building plugins (#254, #269)
- move OS check for Clang to check_readiness_step, to allow a build job to be submitted from SL5 (#263, #264)
- enable verbose build for DOLFIN, to allow for proper debugging if the build fails (#265)
- make sure LDFLAGS and INSTANT_*_DIR env vars are set for DOLFIN sanity check commands (#268)
- this is required after resetting the environment after running module purge (see framework release notes)
- don't try to load module in LAPACK test-only build (#264, #266)
v1.7.0 (September 2nd 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 3 new software packages that require customized support:
- Libint2 (#236), Qt (#210), Rosetta (#218)
- various enhancements, including:
- allow building OpenFOAM without 3rd party tools (#230)
- also add sitelib path to $PERL5LIB, refactor code to add generic get_site_suffix function (#232, #233)
- support building imkl FFT wrappers using MVAPICH2 MPI library (#234)
- remove libnpp from CUDA sanity check to support installing CUDA v5.5 (#238)
- pick up $INTEL_LICENSE_FILE for Intel tools, if it is set (#243)
- note: gets preference over license_file easyconfig parameter
- various bug fixes:
- call WRF build script with 'tcsh script' to ensure that tcsh available in $PATH is used (#231)
- make sure some environment variables that may disrupt the GCC install procedure are unset (#237)
- code cleanup in GEANT4 easyblock: use self.version (instead of self.get_installversion()) (#242)
- enhance list of noqanda patterns for CUDA, to get less failing installations (#244)
v1.6.0 (July 11th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 2 new software packages that require customized support:
- BamTools (#224), BLAT (#214)
- various enhancements, including:
- update impi easyblock to allow installing impi v4.1.1, which features a slight change in build procedure (refs #217)
- enhance PackedBinary easyblock to copy both files and directories (refs #212)
- added get sitearch_suffix to Perl search path and use it in PerlModule easyblock (refs #209)
- various bug fixes:
- make sure EasyBuild configuration is initialized when running unit tests (refs #220)
- make Boost easyblock pick up configopts easyconfig parameter (refs #221)
- add '-DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK' compiler flag for Mothur when MPI support is enabled (refs #222)
- fix Boost sanity check, only check for if Python module is loaded (refs #223)
- enhance Trinity support w.r.t. jellyfish (refs #225, #227)
- fix checking for beagle-lib dep (deprecate checking for BEAGLE) for MrBayes (refs #228)
v1.5.0 (June 1st 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added one new generic easyblock: MakeCp (#208)
- added support for 5 new software packages that require customized support:
- CBLAS (#192), FreeSurfer (#194), Mothur (#206), OpenIFS (#200), PSI (#191)
- various enhancements, including:
- add support for building ScaLAPACK 2.x on top of QLogic MPI (#195)
- support newer BWA versions (#199)
- explicitly list license server type in ABAQUS install options, required for correct installation of v6.12 (#198)
- update SCOTCH and OpenFOAM easyblock for recent versions (#201)
- various bug fixes:
- fix numpy easyblock to get an optimal build (w.r.t. performance) (#192)
- correct build procedure for MUMmer to yield a complete installation (#196, #197)
- make unit tests clean up after themselves more thoroughly (#203, #204)
- fix getting Perl version for extensions (#205)
v1.4.0 (May 2nd 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added a unit test suite for easyblocks (#175, #177, #178)
- every easyblock is parsed and instantiated as a sanity check
- added one new generic easyblock: PerlModule (#183)
- added support for 8 new software packages that require customized support:
ABAQUS (#179), Bowtie (#174, #185, #186), Clang (#151), DL_POLY Classic (#118), ESMF (#171), Perl (#183),
Intel VTune and Intel Inspector (#180)
- the CMakeMake.configure_step() parameter 'builddir' was renamed to 'srcdir', because the name 'builddir' is incorrect (#151)
- 'builddir' will remain supported for legacy purposes up until v2.0
- various enhancements, including:
- reverted back to hardcoding Python library path, since it's hardcoded by setuptools too (#184)
- added MPICH support in ScaLAPACK easyblock (#172)
- enhanced NCL easyblock: add support UDUNITS and ESMF dependencies (#171)
- enhanced MATLAB easyblock: avoid hardcoding Java options, make sure $DISPLAY is unset, extend list of sanity check paths (#181)
- enhanced TotalView easyblock: add support for license file (#146)
v1.3.0 (April 1st 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added support for 2 new software packages that require customized support:
- CUDA (#145), Ferret (#160, #163)
- remove 'license' easyconfig parameter from IntelBase, since it clashes with generic 'license' parameter (#153, #158)
- 'license_file' should be used instead (see
- using 'license' instead of 'license_file' will be supported until v2.x for legacy purposes
- various enhancements, including:
- stop hardcoding Python site-packages library dir, obtain it via distutils.sysconfig instead (#141, #156, #159, #161)
- stop hardcoding list of libraries for BLAS libs, ask toolchain modules or use LIBBLAS instead (#150, #155)
- enhanced CP2K easyblock, following Intel guidelines for ictce builds (#138)
- added setup.cfg for to allow creating RPMs (#140)
- clean up specifying BLAS/LAPACK libs for building numpy, check whether requires patch is being used for IMKL builds (refs #155, #161)
- various bug fixes, including:
- added zip_safe flag to, to silence multitude of warnings (#135)
- install EasyBuild packages in reversed order to avoid funky setuptools issues (#139)
- fixed a typo in the ScaLAPACK easyblock, and set CCFLAGS and FCFLAGS for v2.x (#149, #162)
- fix sanity check for python-meep (#159)
- exclude Python tests from DOLFIN sanity check, since they hang sometimes (#161)
- add support in ALADIN easyblock for answering question on location of libgrib_api.a (#165)
v1.2.0 (February 28th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added 1 new generic easyblock: Rpm
- added support for 6 new software packages that require customized support:
- EasyBuild, EPD (Enthought Python Distribution), freetype, MATLAB, QLogic MPI (RPM), TotalView
- support for installing EasyBuild with EasyBuild enables bootstrapping an EasyBuild installation!
- various enhancements, including:
- corrections in WRF/WPS to also enable building with iqacml toolchain
- use mpi_cmd_for instead of hardcoding test commands, using correct Fortran compilers (F90)
- fix NCL easyblock to also support v6.1.x
- use correct Fortran compiler (F90), set correct lib/include paths for dependencies (netCDF-Fortran, GDAL)
- cleanup sweep of license headers and authors list in easyblock module docstrings
- use new 'ext_name' template name in 'exts_filter' in Python and R easyblocks
- various bug fixes, including:
- general code cleanup
- don't set sanityCheckOK in Toolchain easyblock
- get rid of using os.putenv
- NEURON easyblock: don't hardcode number of processes used in test cases
- make sure easybuild.easyblocks.generic namespace is extendable
v1.1.0 (January 27th 2013)
feature + bugfix release
- added 3 new generic easyblocks: CMakePythonPackage, JAR, RPackage
- added support for 23 new software packages that require customized support:
- ACML, ALADIN, ant, Bioconductor (R packages), Chapel, Cufflinks, ESPResSo, FLUENT, Geant4, GHC, Java, NEURON,
NWChem, PyZMQ, QuantumESPRESSO, R, Rmpi, ROOT, Rserve, SCOOP, Trinity, VSC-tools, XML
- various enhancements, including:
- clean up of module:
- merge EB_DefaultPythonPackage and PythonPackage easyblocks into generic easyblock PythonPackage, which derives from ExtensionEasyblock
- move EB_FortranPythonPackage into dedicated generic FortranPythonPackage easyblock module
- split off support for building/installing nose, numpy, scipy into dedicated EB_* easyblock modules,
which allows them to be built as stand-alone modules as well
- clean up testing of Python packages (PythonPackage easyblock)
- make sure there is no site.cfg in home dir when building Python packages, because e.g. scipy will pick it up
- added support for building Intel MKL wrappers with OpenMPI toolchain
- cleaning up of fake module that was loaded for running tests
- move calls to functions that rely on environment up in the chain of steps (mostly for cleanup reasons)
- use better module name for UFC sanity check, minor change to sanity check paths for UFC
- various bug fixes, including:
- only call 'make ptcheck' for ATLAS when multi-threading support is enabled
- use a symbolic link for $HOME/intel instead of a randomly suffixed subdirectory in home + patching of Intel install scripts
- latter does not work anymore with recent versions of Intel tools (2013.x)
v1.0.2 (December 8th 2012)
bugfix release
- fix typos in WIEN2k easyblock (missing commas after list elements)
v1.0.1 (November 24th 2012)
bugfix release
- fix support for installing easybuild-easyblocks with distutils (broken import in
- only build GMP/CLooG/PPL libraries during GCC build in parallel, don't install in parallel
- 'make -j N install' doesn't work consistently for GMP
- fix GCC build on OS X
- location of libraries is slightly different (lib vs lib64 dir)
- add support to ConfigureMake easyblock for pre-passing tar options to configure
- see tar_config_opts easyconfig parameter
- workaround for issue with pax hanging configure with an interactive prompt
- enhance Q&A for WRF and WIEN2k by adding entries to qa dict and no_qa list
- use rmtree2 from tools/ as more (NFS) robust replacement for shutil.rmtree
v1.0 (November 13th 2012)
- split up EasyBuild across three repositories: framework, easyblocks and easyconfigs
- packaged EasyBuild, different parts can now be installed easily using easy_install
- implement class name encoding scheme, see wiki
- (non-generic) easyblock class names are now prefixed with EB and non-alphanumeric characters are escaped
- split off generic easyblocks into separate package easyblocks.generic
- added custom support for 39 software packages:
Armadillo, BiSearch, Boost, Bowtie2, BWA, bzip2, CGAL, CPLEX, DOLFIN, Eigen, flex, FSL, Hypre, libxml2, MetaVelvet,
METIS, MTL4, MUMmer, ncurses, OpenFOAM, OpenSSL, ParMETIS, Pasha, PETSc, Primer3, python-meep, SAMtools, SCOTCH,
SHRiMP, SLEPc, SOAPdenovo, SuiteSparse, SWIG, Tornado, Trilinos, UFC, Velvet, WIEN2k, XCrySDen
- various enhancements and bug fixes to existing easyblocks
v0.8 (June 29th 2012)
- added support for building/installing 17 additional software packages:
- BEAGLE, Doxygen, g2clib, g2lib, HDF, HDF5, JasPer, libpng, Maple,
MrBayes, NCL, netCDF, netCDF-Fortran, Szip, WPS, WRF, zlib
- the build procedure for WRF and WPS includes running the tests available for these packages
- various bug fixes and enhancements:
- made support for interactive installers (run_cmd_qa) more robust
- fixed Python git package check
- implemented toolkit functions for determine compiler family, MPI type, MPI run command, ...
v0.7 (June 18th 2012)
- fixed BLACS build
- diagnostic tools to determine INTERFACE and TRANSCOMM values are now used
- added support for building Bison, CP2K, flex
- with regression test enabled for CP2K as part of build process
- note: BLACS built with EasyBuild prior to v0.7 needs to be rebuilt for CP2K to work correctly
- added --enable-mpi-threads to OpenMPI example easyconfigs
- required for correct CP2K psmp build
- adjusted libsmm example easyconfig for lower build time
- to make the full regression test finish in a reasonable amount of time
- added script to make porting of easyblocks from old to new EasyBuild codebase easier
- takes care of refactoring, checks for PyLint warnings/errors, ...
- fixed several small bugs
- prefixed EasyBuild messages with "=="
- full regression test passed (58 easyconfigs tested)
v0.6 (May 11th 2012)
- added support for Intel compiler toolkit (ictce)
- which included the Intel compilers, Intel Math Kernel Library (imkl) and Intel MPI library (impi)
- added support for building Python with nose/numpy/scipy packages
- added simple regression test
- this version is able to build all supplied example easyconfigs
v0.5 (April 6th 2012)
- first public release of EasyBuild
- after a thorough cleanup of the EasyBuild framework of the in-house version
- supports building HPL with goalf compiler toolkit
- the goalf toolkit consists of the GCC compilers, and the OpenMPI, ATLAS, LAPACK, FFTW and ScaLAPACK libraries
- also support build and installation of MVAPICH2