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# Copyright 2009-2019 Ghent University
# This file is part of EasyBuild,
# originally created by the HPC team of Ghent University (,
# with support of Ghent University (,
# the Flemish Supercomputer Centre (VSC) (,
# Flemish Research Foundation (FWO) (
# and the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation (EWI) (
# EasyBuild is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation v2.
# EasyBuild is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with EasyBuild. If not, see <>.
EasyBuild support for DOLFIN, implemented as an easyblock
@author: Kenneth Hoste (Ghent University)
@author: Jens Timmerman (Ghent University)
import glob
import os
import re
import tempfile
from distutils.version import LooseVersion
import as env
import as toolchain
from easybuild.easyblocks.generic.cmakepythonpackage import CMakePythonPackage
from import EasyBuildError
from import change_dir, remove
from import get_software_root, get_software_version
from import run_cmd
from import get_shared_lib_ext
class EB_DOLFIN(CMakePythonPackage):
"""Support for building and installing DOLFIN."""
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
"""Initialize class variables."""
super(EB_DOLFIN, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs)
self.boost_dir = None
self.saved_configopts = None
self.cfg['separate_build_dir'] = True
def configure_step(self):
"""Set DOLFIN-specific configure options and configure with CMake."""
shlib_ext = get_shared_lib_ext()
# compilers
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DCMAKE_C_COMPILER='%s' " % os.getenv('CC'))
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER='%s' " % os.getenv('CXX'))
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DCMAKE_Fortran_COMPILER='%s' " % os.getenv('F90'))
# compiler flags
cflags = os.getenv('CFLAGS')
cxxflags = os.getenv('CXXFLAGS')
fflags = os.getenv('FFLAGS')
# fix for "SEEK_SET is #defined but must not be for the C++ binding of MPI. Include mpi.h before stdio.h"
if self.toolchain.mpi_family() in [toolchain.INTELMPI, toolchain.MPICH, toolchain.MPICH2, toolchain.MVAPICH2]:
cxxflags += " -DMPICH_IGNORE_CXX_SEEK"
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DCMAKE_C_FLAGS="%s"' % cflags)
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="%s"' % cxxflags)
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DCMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS="%s"' % fflags)
# run cmake in debug mode
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug')
# set correct compilers to be used at runtime
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMPI_C_COMPILER="$MPICC"')
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMPI_CXX_COMPILER="$MPICXX"')
# specify MPI library
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMPI_COMPILER="%s"' % os.getenv('MPICC'))
if os.getenv('MPI_LIB_SHARED') and os.getenv('MPI_INC_DIR'):
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMPI_LIBRARY="%s"' % os.getenv('MPI_LIB_SHARED'))
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMPI_INCLUDE_PATH="%s"' % os.getenv('MPI_INC_DIR'))
raise EasyBuildError("MPI_LIB_SHARED or MPI_INC_DIR not set, could not determine MPI-related paths.")
# save config options to reuse them later (e.g. for sanity check commands)
self.saved_configopts = self.cfg['configopts']
# make sure that required dependencies are loaded
deps = ['Boost', 'CGAL', 'ParMETIS', 'PETSc', 'Python',
'SCOTCH', 'SLEPc', 'SuiteSparse', 'Trilinos', 'zlib']
# Armadillo was replaced by Eigen in v1.3
if LooseVersion(self.version) < LooseVersion('1.3'):
# UFC has been integrated into FFC in v1.4, cfr.
if LooseVersion(self.version) < LooseVersion('1.4'):
# PLY, petsc4py, slepc4py are required since v1.5
if LooseVersion(self.version) >= LooseVersion('1.5'):
deps.extend(['petsc4py', 'PLY', 'slepc4py'])
# pybind11 is required to build Python bindings since v2018.1
if LooseVersion(self.version) >= LooseVersion('2018.1'):
depsdict = {}
for dep in deps:
deproot = get_software_root(dep)
if not deproot:
raise EasyBuildError("Dependency %s not available.", dep)
# zlib
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR=%s' % os.path.join(depsdict['zlib'], "include"))
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DZLIB_LIBRARY=%s' % os.path.join(depsdict['zlib'], "lib", "libz.a"))
# set correct openmp options
openmp = self.toolchain.get_flag('openmp')
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DOpenMP_CXX_FLAGS="%s"' % openmp)
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DOpenMP_C_FLAGS="%s"' % openmp)
# Boost config parameters
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DBOOST_INCLUDEDIR=%s/include" % depsdict['Boost'])
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DBoost_DEBUG=ON -DBOOST_ROOT=%s" % depsdict['Boost'])
self.boost_dir = depsdict['Boost']
# UFC and Armadillo config params
if 'UFC' in depsdict:
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DUFC_DIR=%s" % depsdict['UFC'])
if 'Armadillo' in depsdict:
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DARMADILLO_DIR:PATH=%s " % depsdict['Armadillo'])
# Eigen config params
if 'Eigen' in depsdict:
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DEIGEN3_INCLUDE_DIR=%s " % os.path.join(depsdict['Eigen'], 'include'))
# specify Python paths
if LooseVersion(self.version) < LooseVersion('2018.1'):
python = depsdict['Python']
pyver = '.'.join(get_software_version('Python').split('.')[:2])
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DPYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH=%s/include/python%s" % (python, pyver))
self.cfg.update('configopts', "-DPYTHON_LIBRARY=%s/lib/libpython%s.%s" % (python, pyver, shlib_ext))
# SuiteSparse config params
suitesparse = depsdict['SuiteSparse']
umfpack_params = [
self.cfg.update('configopts', ' '.join(umfpack_params) % {'sp':suitesparse})
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DPARMETIS_DIR="%s"' % depsdict['ParMETIS'])
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DSCOTCH_DIR="%s" -DSCOTCH_DEBUG:BOOL=ON' % depsdict['SCOTCH'])
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DBLAS_LIBRARIES:PATH="%s"' % os.getenv('LIBBLAS'))
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DLAPACK_LIBRARIES:PATH="%s"' % os.getenv('LIBLAPACK'))
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DCGAL_DIR:PATH="%s"' % depsdict['CGAL'])
# need to specify PETSC_ARCH explicitely (env var alone is not sufficient)
for env_var in ["PETSC_DIR", "PETSC_ARCH"]:
val = os.getenv(env_var)
if val:
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-D%s=%s' % (env_var, val))
# MTL4
if 'MTL4' in depsdict:
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DMTL4_DIR:PATH="%s"' % depsdict['MTL4'])
if 'SUNDIALS' in depsdict:
self.cfg.update('configopts', '-DSUNDIALS_DIR:PATH="%s"' % depsdict['SUNDIALS'])
# configure
out = super(EB_DOLFIN, self).configure_step()
# make sure that all optional packages are found
not_found_re = re.compile("The following optional packages could not be found")
raise EasyBuildError("Optional packages could not be found, this should not happen...")
# enable verbose build, so we have enough information if something goes wrong
self.cfg.update('buildopts', "VERBOSE=1")
def test_step(self):
"""Run DOLFIN demos by means of test."""
if self.cfg['runtest']:
# set cache/error dirs for Instant
tmpdir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
instant_cache_dir = os.path.join(tmpdir, '.instant', 'cache')
instant_error_dir = os.path.join(tmpdir, '.instant', 'error')
except OSError as err:
raise EasyBuildError("Failed to create Instant cache/error dirs: %s", err)
env_vars = [
('INSTANT_CACHE_DIR', instant_cache_dir),
('INSTANT_ERROR_DIR', instant_error_dir),
env_var_cmds = ' && '.join(['export %s="%s"' % (var, val) for (var, val) in env_vars])
# test command templates
cmd_template_python = " && ".join([
"cd %(dir)s",
"python demo_%(name)",
"cd -",
cpp_cmds = [
"cd %(dir)s",
if LooseVersion(self.version) < LooseVersion('1.1'):
cpp_cmds.append("cmake . %s" % self.saved_configopts)
"make VERBOSE=1",
"cd -",
cmd_template_cpp = " && ".join(cpp_cmds)
# list based on demos available for DOLFIN v1.0.0
pde_demos = ['biharmonic', 'cahn-hilliard', 'hyperelasticity', 'mixed-poisson',
'navier-stokes', 'poisson', 'stokes-iterative']
if LooseVersion(self.version) < LooseVersion('1.1'):
demos = [os.path.join('demo', 'la', 'eigenvalue')] + [os.path.join('demo', 'pde', x) for x in pde_demos]
# verified with v1.6.0
demos = [os.path.join('demo', 'documented', x) for x in pde_demos]
# construct commands
cmds = [tmpl % {'dir': os.path.join(d, subdir), 'name': os.path.basename(d)}
for d in demos for (tmpl, subdir) in [(cmd_template_cpp, 'cpp')]]
# exclude Python tests for now, because they 'hang' sometimes (unclear why)
# they can be reinstated once run_cmd (or its equivalent) has support for timeouts
# see
#for (tmpl, subdir) in [(cmd_template_python, 'python'), (cmd_template_cpp, 'cpp')]]
# subdomains-poisson has no C++ get_version, only Python
# Python tests excluded, see above
#name = 'subdomains-poisson'
#path = os.path.join('demo', 'pde', name, 'python')
#cmds += [cmd_template_python % {'dir': path, 'name': name}]
# supply empty argument to each command
for cmd in cmds:
run_cmd(cmd, log_all=True)
# clean up temporary dir
def install_step(self):
"""Custom install procedure for DOLFIN: also install Python bindings."""
super(EB_DOLFIN, self).install_step()
if LooseVersion(self.version) >= LooseVersion('2018.1'):
# see
# and
cwd = change_dir(os.path.join(self.start_dir, 'python'))
env.setvar('CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH', self.installdir)
env.setvar('PYBIND11_DIR', get_software_root('pybind11'))
run_cmd("pip install --prefix %s ." % self.installdir)
def post_install_step(self):
"""Post install actions: extend RPATH paths in .so libraries part of the DOLFIN Python package."""
if LooseVersion(self.version) >= LooseVersion('1.1'):
# cfr. (look for patchelf)
# determine location of
dolfin_lib = ''
dolfin_libdir = None
for libdir in ['lib', 'lib64']:
if os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.installdir, libdir, dolfin_lib)):
dolfin_libdir = os.path.join(self.installdir, libdir)
if dolfin_libdir is None:
raise EasyBuildError("Failed to locate %s", dolfin_lib)
for pylibdir in self.all_pylibdirs:
libs = glob.glob(os.path.join(self.installdir, pylibdir, 'dolfin', 'cpp', '_*.so'))
for lib in libs:
out, _ = run_cmd("patchelf --print-rpath %s" % lib, simple=False, log_all=True)
curr_rpath = out.strip()
cmd = "patchelf --set-rpath '%s:%s' %s" % (curr_rpath, dolfin_libdir, lib)
run_cmd(cmd, log_all=True)
def make_module_extra(self):
"""Set extra environment variables for DOLFIN."""
txt = super(EB_DOLFIN, self).make_module_extra()
# Dolfin needs to find Boost
# check whether boost_dir is defined for compatibility with --module-only
if self.boost_dir:
txt += self.module_generator.set_environment('BOOST_DIR', self.boost_dir)
envvars = ['I_MPI_CXX', 'I_MPI_CC']
for envvar in envvars:
envar_val = os.getenv(envvar)
# if environment variable is set, also set it in module
if envar_val:
txt += self.module_generator.set_environment(envvar, envar_val)
return txt
def sanity_check_step(self):
"""Custom sanity check for DOLFIN."""
# custom sanity check paths
custom_paths = {
'files': ['bin/dolfin-%s' % x for x in ['version', 'convert', 'order', 'plot']] + ['include/dolfin.h'],
'dirs':['%s/dolfin' % self.pylibdir],
super(EB_DOLFIN, self).sanity_check_step(custom_paths=custom_paths)
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