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Documentation for EasyBuild is now available at http://easybuild.readthedocs.org/, which should be treated as the main documentation hub from now on.

The pages that are still available here are either not considered to be part of the documentation (e.g., meeting notes, etc.), or still need to be ported to the Read the Docs platform.

For EasyBuild users

To be ported to http://easybuild.readthedocs.org

For EasyBuild developers

To be ported to http://easybuild.readthedocs.org




EasyBuild hackathons

Conferences and meetings

Conference calls

  • 20121126 HashDist: Google hangout conf call with Dag Sverre Seljebotn on HashDist and EasyBuild
  • [bi-weekly EasyBuild conf calls](Conference calls)