2nd easybuild hackathon meeting minutes day 2

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(Friday Nov. 30th 2012, 9am-4pm)

During the second day of the 2nd EasyBuild hackathon, the actual hackathon activities took place. Local attendees started working with EasyBuild, focusing on their interests.


  • Kenneth:

  • start going through issues in easybuild-framework

  • update milestones, move issues to easybuild-easyblocks or easybuild-easyconfigs if appropriate, update if needed, ...

  • help out people set up enviroment to work with their own easyblocks workspace (this should really be documented well, or scripted if possible)

  • both easybuild and easybuild/easyblocks directory should have their own __init__.py file

  • users' easyblocks workspace should be added to the end of the PYTHONPATH, to avoid breaking EasyBuild (?)

  • give brief demo on contributing back to EasyBuild (pull request, review cycle, ...)

  • Xavier:

    • look into building svn with EasyBuild
    • OpenMPI with no-OFED suffix doesn't make sense, because OpenMPI's configure auto-detects OFED libs
    • will look into fixing HDF5 easyblock such that CMake is used for configuring builds of recent HDF5 versions
  • Valentin:

  • bash easyconfig

  • Vesta (?) (visualisation tool) support

  • Josh

  • Espresso easyconfig (configure/make/make install) + easyblock to automate testing

  • Fotis

  • installing v1.0.1 @ Uni.lu

  • request to extend current list of module classes to include bio (see https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-framework/pull/368)

  • Alejandro

  • interest in QuantumESPRESSO, but unable to port/fix old easyblock we have (not familiar with Python)

  • issue opened, see https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-easyblocks/issues/49