5th easybuild hackathon meeting minutes day 2

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5th easybuild hackathon - notes day 1 - notes day 3

Markus: implementing a custom module naming scheme for a hierarchical scheme

  • currently missing in EasyBuild:
  • prepend to $MODULEPATH in generated compiler/mpi modules should be automagic
  • provide full parsed easyconfig file to module naming scheme module, so e.g. module class is accessible (see related framework issue)
  • need to provide %(modulesroot)s, allow specifying absolute paths via modextrapaths (prepend_paths)
  • generated modules use full module names, while they should only use the module names relative to the $MODULEPATH in a hierarchical setup...
  • see also https://github.com/hpcugent/easybuild-framework/issues/862

Pavel: testing build of new Cube version with EB (using system provided deps)

  • plan is to create easyconfig files and store them in own repository, then issue pull request shortly before release
  • Cube silently enforces --disable-gui if the provided Qt dependency is not OK (configure doesn't complain)
  • missing in EasyBuild:
  • SystemModule easy block?
  • support in --robot for specifying URLs to remote easyconfig repos

Christian: write easyblock for installing Score-P dev tools in the same prefix (libtool, autoconf, …) after patching them

  • issues with setting up 'production' and 'development' environments for writing own easyblocks/easyconfigs

Marc: install gmpich2 based on existing gcc/mpich3 modules, build FFTW on top of that

  • missing in EasyBuild
  • documentation or cmdline option on generating module for system-provided tools or existing modules

Inge: imkl testing tool with static build, building and installing ELPA

Alan: look into multi-user setup

  • properly set umask
  • set sticky bit on top install directory

Bernd: plans to flesh out easyblock for Tau, and also look into HPC Toolkit (dep for PerfExpert)

  • lots of documentation available at JSC (Anke) on building perf tools (like HPC Toolkit)


  • hierarchical modules
  • multi-user usage
  • get software installed via JSC policies (no write access to shared FS, now using an old packaging system)
  • different groups look after different tools (compiler, math libs, IO libs, …), have to be provided to each other