6th EasyBuild hackathon

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6th EasyBuild hackathon @ Vienna group picture

Basic Information

  • date: Wednesday June 18th - Friday June 20th 2014
  • venue: Vienna Bio Center at the Institute of Molecular Pathology, Seminar Room 2 in IMP building
    • address: Dr. Bohrgasse 3-5 (IMBA/GMI building), Vienna, Austria (http://www.gmi.oeaw.ac.at/)
    • Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/Doktor-Bohr-Gasse/@48.1894362,16.4016187,17z/
    • best entrance: via the neighbouring IMBA/GMI building at Dr. Bohrgasse 3-5
    • entrance is access controlled (24h porter), so we need to enter in group
      • meet up in front of IMBA/GMI building 10m before start of hackathon (Wed: 10.50am, Thu/Fri: 9.50am)
      • local contact (Petar Forai - +4369910503137, Aaron Zauner)
    • public transport (train/tram/bus/underground):
      • 5am - 0.30am + night busses each day
      • 24h underground on Fri/Sat
      • 24/48/72h tickets available, also single tickets available
      • best app: Qando
    • from airport:
      • public transport (~30m): direct line "CAT/City - Airport Terminal"
      • taxi: fixed rate, 35-50 EUR to Vienna Bio Center
        • mention address to taxi driver!
  • notes: shortly before the ISC'14 conference in Leipzig, Germany


For practical reasons, the number of participants is limited to 25. Please contact Kenneth Hoste to confirm your participation.

list of confirmed attendees:

  • Erich Birngruber (Medical University of Vienna)
  • Pablo Escobar (Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics - University of Basel, EasyBuild user and contributor)
  • Petar Forai (Gregor Mendel Institute of Molecular Plant Biology (GMI), Austria; EasyBuild user and contributor)
  • Markus Geimer (Jülich Supercomputing Centre, Scalasca trace analyzer developer)
  • Fotis Georgatos (freelancer, EasyBuild contributor)
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, Belgium; EasyBuild developer and release manager)
  • Arun Kumar (Bayer, Germany, EasyBuild user)
  • Robert McLay (Texas Advanced Computing Centre (TACC), US; Lmod developer)
  • Georg Rath (Medical University of Vienna, EasyBuild contributor)
  • Jens Timmerman (HPC-UGent, Belgium; EasyBuild developer)
  • George Tsouloupas (The Cyprus Institute; EasyBuild user and contributor)
  • Aaron Zauner (azet.org, Austria; EasyBuild user and contributor)


Attendees are free to work on what they want, but a couple of topics of interest are typically attached to each hackathon. The intention is to have discussions on these topics, and that some attendees work on these issues:

  • improve integration between Lmod and EasyBuild (w/ Robert McLay, main Lmod developer)
  • how we can further improve/automate the testing of EasyBuild (ad incoming PRs)
  • getting rid of Python 2.4 support, moving on to Python 2.6, supporting Python 3.x
  • outlook to EasyBuild v2.0: getting rid of deprecated behavior
    • no more Python 2.4 support (move on to only Python 2.6 or more recent 2.x)
    • no more old-style configuration files
    • extra_options return type (should be dict instead of list of tuples)


(initial agenda, subject to change)

Wednesday June 18th 2014

  • [10am - 12pm] Introduction to EasyBuild, status update, Q&A (Kenneth Hoste) (slides)
  • [1pm - 1.30pm] EasyBuild @ Bayer
  • [1.30pm - 4pm] Introduction to Lmod, relation to EasyBuild, Q&A (Robert McLay) (slides)
  • [3pm - 6pm] Hackathon: getting started, first hands-on experience with EasyBuild and Lmod

Thursday June 19th 2014

  • [10am - 6pm] Hackathon
  • hands-on introduction to EasyBuild and Lmod, with support from core developers
  • work on open issues or software support you care about

Friday June 20th 2014

  • [10am - 6pm] Hackathon (continued)


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