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Conference call notes 20131217

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Notes on the 4th EasyBuild conference call, Tuesday Dec. 17th 2013 (3pm -3.30pm CET)


Alphabetical list of attendees (5):

  • Fotis Georgatos (
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent)
  • Alan O'Cais (JSC)
  • Andreas Panteli (CyI)
  • Ward Poelmans (Ghent University)
  • Thekla Loizou (CyI)


  • update on EasyBuild activities @ Jülich Supercomputer Centre (JSC) (Alan O'Cais)
  • support for group of EasyBuild users with a shared install target (Alan O'Cais)
  • keeping track of popular module files (Fotis Georgatos)


EasyBuild @ JSC (Alan)
  • EasyBuild being considered as the build tool for JUROPA4 (which will include some form of accelerators), currently in exploratory stages
  • initial EasyBuild training (last week) at JSC went well, except for a couple of hickups
  • cfr.,
  • core team is going to look into EasyBuild in the coming weeks, in preparation for the EasyBuild hackathon at JSC (Feb 19th-21st 2013)
  • it would be useful to be able to keep track of who did which build
  • (Kenneth) should become very easy once we have the support for site customizations in place, e.g., making every module set a $CONTACT environment variable
  • Alan is also looking into making the switch to Lmod, together with EasyBuild
Sharing an install target with multiple users (Alan)
  • some issues when multiple people are using EasyBuild on the same system
  • cfr., fixed for EB v1.10
  • some issues when multiple people are installing software to the same install path
  • this should be resolved with a proper umask setting
  • alternatively, EasyBuild could be made aware that software is installed by a group of people (e.g. an easybuild POSIX group), and act accordingly w.r.t. permissions
Keeping track of popular module files (Fotis)
  • open question on how people are tracking module usage
  • @ JSC: no tracking done for now
  • @ UGent: by modifying the module function definition and logging module commands to syslog
  • (Kenneth) Lmod has a proper solution for this, with hooks to make things happen when module commands are run
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