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Conference call notes 20140611

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Notes on the 13th EasyBuild conference call, Wednesday June 11th 2014 (1.15pm - 1.45pm CET)


Alphabetical list of attendees (4):

  • Pablo Escobar (UniBas - SIB, Switzerland)
  • Petar Forai (GMI, Austria)
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, Belgium)
  • Bart Verleye (NeSI, New Zealand)



General remarks
  • some deprecated functionality is only relevant for people who have been using EasyBuild v0.x
  • tags/examples should be added for the most important changes
  • overall, all changes can be easily taken into account when the deprecated behavior is no longer supported (EasyBuild v2.0)
Python compatibility
  • Python 2.4 support will be deprecated soon, long term goal is a codebase which is Python 2.6.x/2.7.x and Python 3.x compatible
    • Petar: Python 3 is already the default on Ubuntu, getting Python 2.x to work is a problem
EasyBuild configuration
Easyconfig parameters
  • software_license will (maybe) become mandatory
    • should specify which license the software is released under (e.g. GPLv2, BSD, commercial, etc.)
    • goal is to track another imporant aspect of the software we install (next to e.g. homepage, etc.)
    • can be used to decide which sources can be redistributed in the context of an EasyBuild sources archive (which is presently vaporware)
    • UNKNOWN may be included as a valid value for software_license (which would kind of make it non-mandatory however)
  • makeopts/premakeopts are deprecated, buildopts/prebuildopts should be used
    • only since EasyBuild v1.13.0, so easyconfig files in easybuild-easyconfigs repo haven't been updated accordingly yet
    • it should be safe to switch the buildopts/prebuildopts now, easyblocks/easyconfigs that still use makeopts/premakeopts will continue working until EasyBuild v2.0 (mapping from makeopts to buildopts is done internally by eb)
    • (post-conf call note: easybuild-easyconfigs unit tests should fail on use of makeopts or premakeopts)
Easyblocks API
  • these changes are only relevant for people with their own (non-contributed) custom easyblocks
  • extra_options static method should now return a value of type dict (rather than a list of tuples)
    • this is handled already is existing easyblocks available in the easybuild-easyblocks repo, via a super call to the parent easyblock; the abstract class EasyBlock (part of the framework) will spit out the right return type in the end
  • other changes to the easyblocks API are minor, and shouldn't affect end users Python module
  • was reorganized in EasyBuild v1.8.0
  • internal to EasyBuild, shouldn't affect end users
Other changes
  • most important other change is moving functions to different modules:
    • run_cmd/run_cmd_qa to (from *.filetools)
    • read_environment and modify_env to (from *.utilities and *.filetools resp.)
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