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Conference call notes 20170315

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Notes on the 72nd EasyBuild conference call, Wednesday March 15th 2017 (5pm - 6pm CET)


Alphabetical list of attendees (6):

  • Damian Alvarez (JSC, Germany)
  • Markus Geimer (JSC, Germany)
  • Kenneth Hoste (HPC-UGent, Belgium)
  • Bart Oldeman (McGill University, Canada)
  • Shahzeb Siddiqui (Pfizer)
  • Davide Vanzo (Vanderbilt University)


  • outlook to EasyBuild v3.1.2 (bugfix/update release)
  • update on automatic style checking for easyconfig PRs
  • IRC vs Slack for #easybuild chat channel
  • Python on GCCcore
  • Q&A


EasyBuild v3.1.2
Automatic style checking for easyconfig PRs
  • goal is to soon require that all easyconfigs in repository pass eb --check-style
    • enable checking of easyconfigs style in Travis
    • NO strict requirement in eb itself
  • WIP update to documentation @
  • first need to make sure that all easyconfigs in easybuild-easyconfigs repository pass
    • now >90% done
  • --check-style should also check order/grouping of easyconfig parameters
  • Thoughts?
    • Davide: make checksum mandatory (don't make it retroactive, just for new PRs)
      • Damian: use md5 as default or something else?
      • Markus: for sanity checking md5 should be fine
      • Damian: to protect ourselves against corrupted files md5 is enough for security sha* should be more robust
      • Markus, Davide: happy with md5 for the moment
      • Shahzeb: might be useful to specify the checksum from the command line. Making checksum mandatory might break some packages with "dynamic" tarballs (matlab requires that in some cases)
IRC vs Slack for #easybuild
  • obligatory XKCD:
  • switch away from IRC to Slack?
  • support both channels?
    • OK for Kenneth, who is already using both IRC and Slack anyway
  • Kenneth: possible to interface both with bot
  • Davide: small issue with slack, it needs invitation, would have to figure out a way to make it work
Python in GCCcore with numpy, pandas, etc at top level
  • Shahzeb: Is there a reason for the particular order in the python easyconfig? Why not using pip for python packages?
  • Kenneth: We want to keep control of which versions are installed
  • Shahzeb: Is there a way to start in a specific package (for packages with extensions)?
  • Kenneth, Damian: Yes, use --skip --force. But the module has to be there. Tricks: use --module-only or have a successful bare installation to add packages on top.
  • Markus: With PGI installation as an example: there are some files/directories that don't get proper permissions.
  • Kenneth: EB changes read permissions, not write permissions, so if the package is "broken" that way you'll have to fix it to manually remove it
  • Markus: The PGI easyblock creates an empty directory in the modules directory
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